Saturday, May 19, 2012

Disingenuous Ads Don't Hide Health Care Agenda

One of the first misleading ads that Scott Walker launched during this recall campaign season, was the one that showcased a phony conversation on health care.  If you are paying attention to Walker's actual positions on the issue, your disingenuous meter may have shattered from shock.  You really have to assume that Walker is overcompensating for his extreme agenda and major shortcomings in the area of health care.

In Walker's patented phony style, he says that his administration spent over $1.2 billion on health care.  However that increased spending happened in spite of him not because of him and for him to try and take credit is completely ridiculous and totally self-serving.  Walker's budget initially proposed $500 million in cuts in health care programs that serve some 1.2 million Wisconsinites (by the way, I find it creepy that he proposed these cuts while at the same time increasing funeral funds for people on Medicaid). Here are a number of additional points that put Walker's statement in its actual context:

Again, the bottom line is that the increase in spending on health care was done in spite of Walker not because of him.  Although he is trying to sugarcoat his radical agenda on health care now, he will certainly revisit it if he is not removed from office on June 5th.

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