Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Wear a helmet before boarding the crazy train

I'm told that former GOP big-wig Jim Klauser doesn't really like Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker very much. If that is really how he feels, I can't blame him because there is a lot to dislike – even from a traditional Republican perspective. Maybe that is why Klauser was so involved in finding anybody, other than Scott Walker to run for governor. The empty suit that he finally settled on was former Congressman Mark Neumann (is he still running a campaign?). Klauser even helped step on Walker's official announcement with a media blitz praising Mark Neumann over Walker. We knew that this was coming for some time but now Klauser has made his flip-flop complete and has now officially jumped on the crazy train. Apparently having private sector experience isn't as important as Klauser was telling us a few months ago.

I have a piece of advice for Jim Klauser as he boards the Walker crazy train: You might want to wear a helmet. I know that right wing blogs and talkers are loving the fact that you switched sides, but they still don't like you anymore than you like them. For example, let's just go down memory lane from a few months ago. Here is a sampling of what some of the Walker groupies were saying about you:

  • "Where has Klauser been over the last few years? Answer: Who cares!"
  • "Oh great…a 'has been' political hack endorsing a 'used to be' politician. Klauser is just upset that Walker won't kiss his ring."
  • "Klauser, Neumann, et al. represent the country club republicans."
  • "I don't know who has better chances, but as someone who's not overly enamored of Tommy Thompson, any endorsement coming from his camp makes me leery not excited."
  • "Now, again, we have misguided leaders, (Klauser and Neumann)... I say its time for a third party in WI as Republicans are self destructive."

So you think their feelings will change now? Capper gives us one example of reaction to Klauser's flip-flop: "James Klauser, aka Tommy's brain, is no conservative! He has always been a RINO since his days with Tommy."

Like I said Jim, you might want to wear a helmet.

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