Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Out-of-Touch: Johnson’s Preexisting Condition

Ron Johnson received his coronation by the RPW elites over the weekend but aside from his reciting of tea party bumper stickers and slogans, he has shown very little in the way of actual public policy. He admitted as much on several occasions saying that he was still working on his actual positions on the issues. One of the places that he recently made such an admission was on Mark Belling's radio program. In fact his only real attempt at discussing policy revealed not only that he is light in that department but also that he is totally out-of-touch with average Wisconsinites and the struggles that they face.

When talking about what made him enter the race he said the following:

"Well, I can tell you well first of all the theme of my campaign will be freedom. Okay, that's the main reason I'm running is freedom, and the trigger point, the straw that broke the camel's back from my standpoint was the passage of ah the Health Care Bill—ObamaCare, and the assault on freedom that that thing represents."

When asked by Belling if he is really ready to run for office he responds with the following statement and what appears to be an unrelated personal story:

"I believe I am. But let me tell you just one other thing about a motivating factor here Mark in terms of health care. My, my, my first child was a daughter and she was born with a very serious congenital heart defect that required major surgery to reconstruct the upper chamber of her heart. Now what I had to do was I had to call up around the country to find the most advanced medical treatment for her. Now the good news though, I'll skip ahead, she now is a twenty-seven year old woman and she is a nurse in a neo-natal intensive care unit herself."

So let me see if I am getting this straight. He has a child that had a very serious pre-existing medical condition yet he wants to "repeal" protections for nearly 100,000 kids in Wisconsin with pre-existing conditions that could otherwise be denied health care? News flash to Ron Johnson! Most of those 100,000 Wisconsin children don't come from families with multimillion dollar fortunes to pay for their medical care. If you include all Wisconsinites under the age of 65, the number of people with preexisting conditions swells to over 1.1 million. The health care reform that is now law gives us a much needed level of protection for those people. Ron Johnson wants to take those protections away, leaving both children and adults (who are not multimillionaires) to fend for themselves.

Apparently Ron Johnson doesn't only suffer from a lack of ability on public policy but he is also deeply out-of-touch.


Jud Lounsbury said...

Hilarious -- great article.

amy basken said...

As the parent of a child with a serious congenital heart defect, and a member of several heart defect networks in WI, I'd be happy to inform Mr. Johnson about pre-existing condition issues affecting us today!

Amy Basken - Prairie du Sac, WI
Mended Little Hearts
Adult Congenital Heart Association
American Heart Association

Anonymous said...

Out of touch with reality? Looked in the mirror lately? First of all, the health care bill is about more than pre-existing conditions.

Second of all, government interference in the marketplace is the CAUSE of high cost medical care. To add 100 new bureaucracies and expand coverage will only make health insurance MORE expensive. Which will be the fodder that Obamites will use to further attack free market solutions to government caused problems.
Third, the pork included in the bill, and extraneous items such as a 6000 man personal army for Obama will further add to our debt, dry up jobs and opportunity, increase the price of goods and services to cover taxes both now and more at some time in the future. Most of the above will hurt the poor and middle class far more than the rich.

And fourth, it is employment related health insurance that makes the pre-existing conditions coverage as important as it is. There would be more job mobility w/o the tax preferred employee paid insurance.

And fifth, when my first daughter was born, she had "pre-existing conditions" that were covered by my personally paid health insurance at the time.

Sixth, I do not know Johnson well enough to say he is my guy for senate, but if he is sincere about protecting our freedom, he has a message that should reverberate with the electorate, in this time of both Democrats and Republicans doing in our liberties at ever faster rates. I will research and determine his crediblity, and urge others to do the same. Contrary to the author's intent, he gave me MORE reason to vote for Johnson, not less. One would think that it should be obvious that more government is not the answer, given the failures of government, our rapidly increasing debt and the fact that government is growing under both Democrat AND Republican rule. If Johnson is the real deal, an honest politician, he may just get my vote. But that determination will be made looking at evidence, not partisan bias, either left or right.

Ken Van Doren