Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Waiting for Wall's Second Epistle

I don't think that anyone was expecting the interview that former Republican U.S. Senate candidate Terrence Wall gave to WTDY. In it he accused establishment candidate Ron Johnson of everything from paying off people at the convention to tampering with convention voting. After hearing Wall's comments I assumed that it was just a moment where his emotions got away from him and that it was probably the end of it. Clearly I was wrong because now Terrence Wall has gone into even more detail by writing a small epistle about a RPW "culture of corruption".

Wall's latest blistering attack on Ron Johnson and the RPW establishment that cornated him included all kinds of new accusations. They include some of the following:

  • Hiring away Wall's direct-mail vendor

  • Trying to hire away Wall staff at the convention at "above-market compensation"

  • Party officials ordering Wall staffers to vote for Johnson at the convention
  • A Brown County official ignoring his county's rules which called for "no endorsement".
  • People being given their ballots back and told to vote for Johnson.
  • People allegedly asking Wall supporters "what do we need to give you to get you to switch your vote?"
  • A man with a woman's credentials trying to vote.
  • People that were upset about the way the convention vote was handled but being silenced.
  • Swiping Wall ballots so that they were never counted.
  • A misinformation campaign on the convention floor.
  • Wall being threatened that if he ever wanted a "career in politics" that he would remain silent about the alleged activities at the convention.

  • The piece ends advising the readers to "stay tuned" because Wall has more to tell next month. He promises that it will be a more "humorous edition" but something tells me that the RPW and what Wall describes as "kingmakers" don't find any of this to be very funny. If the recent endorsements of David Westlake are any indication, it looks like the Tea Party doesn't find much of this funny either.

    As for me, given the remarkable accusations in this first Wall epistle, I will certainly be waiting for the second (regardless of its humor quotient).

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