Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Proud to Join the Cheddarbomb for Russ!

UPDATE: Wisconsin's progressive bloggers easily passed our original goal of 100 contributors to Russ's Cheddarbomb! We had to push it up to 125 and at this rate we may have to push that goal up again before midnight. If you haven't joined the fun, contribute now!

Our outstanding U.S. Senator Russ Feingold is now officially facing multimillionaire and public policy lightweight Ron Johnson. Since Johnson is also a fortunate son (in-law) with money to burn, he has pledged to spend $15 million to try and buy this seat in the U.S. Senate. Rather than face his opponents in the Republican primary, the media or even the questions of tea party activists, he opted to just keep spending money on slogan-filled ads. He has continually tried to avoid a real substantive discussion of issues. Hopefully he wont be able to continue hiding from an actual debate. Russ has already agreed to 6 of them and hopefully Johnson will do the same.

Even if Ron Johnson gets tutored long enough to have those debates, he still will beGoal Thermometer spending his vast wealth to try and drown out everything else in the race. That is why Wisconsin's grassroots need to step up and speak with one voice to help Russ close the financial gap! The Feingold campaign has announced a "Cheddarbomb" for Russ today. They are calling it the "15 for 15 Cheddarbomb". They want 15,000 people to give to Russ today (the 15th) to help match the $15 million that Johnson wants to use to buy a Senate

Progressive bloggers from all around the state are doing their part and set up an Act Blue page to join in this important effort. So click on either image in this blog posting and give whatever you can to Russ today!

And if you needed more inspiration to give, here are a few words from Russ on today's effort:

All the polls show this race is a toss-up and I expect it to remain tight until Election Day

My opponent multimillionaire Ron Johnson thinks his checkbook can decide this election. He’s so confident about winning that he's already pledged to spend upward of $15 million of his own fortune, or “all of it,” to win.

Today, September 15, my campaign is launching our newest effort: “15 for 15 Cheddarbomb.” We'll match Ron Johnson's $15 million with the donations of 15,000 grassroots donors. This is our first-ever “moneybomb” or as we call it in Wisconsin – a “Cheddarbomb.” Our “Cheddarbomb” will show that my campaign can match Johnson's $15 million with 15,000 grassroots donations of our own – in a single day.
Contribute to our September 15 “Cheddarbomb” right now.

Our goal of 15,000 grassroots supporters is a pretty ambitious one-day goal, but my campaign is built on grassroots support, not on the support of Washington corporate interests. The only way to win this election is by having the strongest grassroots support and the absolute best ground operation. My campaign has already contacted 228,696 Wisconsin voters and opened 22 field offices across the state. The momentum is on our side. We'll win because we have the best volunteers and supporters, not because we rely on special interests and big checkbooks to help us win.

In fact, in just the past three months, Johnson has already spent $4 million on slash-and-burn television ads. Ron Johnson has millions of dollars to spend on attack ads, but you have a voice and it needs to be heard. That's why I need your help right now.

This is the first time a one-day online fundraising campaign has ever been attempted in Wisconsin campaign history. I hope you'll make this “Cheddarbomb” a success by standing up with me today!

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