Saturday, March 26, 2011

More Prosser Name Calling Making Headlines

At last night's supreme court debate David Prosser started calling people names again. This time he accused his opponent JoAnne Kloppenburg of being an "ideologue". Kloppenburg has made no statement that I have seen during this entire campaign that would even come close to fitting Prosser's over-the-top description. In fact it seems that Prosser is basing his name calling on little more than the fact that she interned for Chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson some 25 years ago (remember the names that he called her). Even though his angry accusations have so little basis, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel included it in their (online story) headline.

If Prosser wants to look 25 years back to decide who is and who isn't an "ideologue" then perhaps he better look at his own record. Because 25 years ago Prosser was a partisan Republican state legislator. He wasn't just a Republican legislator but one of the leaders of the partisan bunch. Now I don't know what creative definition of "ideologue" Prosser was using last night but the normal definition seems to fit his activities 25 years ago quite perfectly.

Actually, when it comes to David Prosser being an ideoloque we don't have to go back very far at all. Here are just some of the recent examples:

  • David Prosser's campaign is the one that said very early that he would serve as a "complement" to the rabidly right wing governor and state legislature.

  • David Prosser is the candidate that followed up that stunning pledge by going to every partisan Republican event that he could find.

  • It was David Prosser's campaign that said this current race was about right wing ideology "...and nothing more".

  • It was David Prosser that took part in a tea party radio interview telling them that people could "read between the lines" about how he would rule on any abortion related cases.

In addition to having TEMPERament issues, it seems that David Prosser also suffers from a serious case of pot-kettle syndrome.

ht: Picture from One Wisconsin Now


Anonymous said...

Kloppenburg has never sat on the bench and you want to put her on the Supreme Court? Couldn't you libs find anyone better? Even Obama and Doyle didn't want her.

Cory Liebmann said...

Newsflash: Prosser never served on the bench until his political ally Tommy! appointed him to the highest one in the state.