Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Hiding Their Crackpots in Plain Sight

The base of Wisconsin's Republican Party has been getting increasingly extreme for years but they have really outdone themselves over the last two in particular.  Not only has their percentage of crackpots increased dramatically but they are busy trying to promote far too many of them to public office. You've heard about extreme and oddball candidates like Kim Simac and David Vanderleest but there are some that might be new to you this cycle.

One example of a current Republican candidate that should be far too odd and extreme is Scott Kenneth Noble. He is running as a Republican in the race for the 24th state senate district seat.     He was endorsed in the primary by the most extreme anti-abortion group in the state.  When he won the primary some extreme gun obsessed group (apparently the NRA does not go far enough for them) declared that he was one of two candidates that "the Wisconsin establishment fears."

If that is not extreme enough for you, we don't have to rely on endorsements alone. Take for example Scott Kenneth Noble's responses to a survey from some organization called the "Campaign for Liberty". Yes this org is everything that it sounds like, complete with obnoxious obsessions with Ron Paul, the Fed, conspiracy theories etc. etc. etc.  It seems that Noble has actually staffed a table for this right wing org at the Republican Party's state convention.  By the way you should also note how few Republican candidates bothered to respond to this madness.

Noble indicates that he agrees with the entire "Campaign for Liberty" agenda.  Apparently he would support legislation authorizing local law enforcement to arrest federal officials for trying to implement the health care reform law.  He also agrees to support legislation allowing TSA agents to be charged with sexual assault among other things.

If you still are not convinced that Scott Kenneth Noble exists on an outrageously far fringe, his own blog postings should certainly seal the deal.  He had a blog at http://www.scottkennethnoble.blogspot.com but someone had the sense to redirect traffic from it to his campaign website.  There is a good reason for that because on his former blog he espouses some of the most offensive and ridiculous ramblings possible.

There is far too much material on his former blog to post here but take a look at just one example of the madness. In a 2011 blog posting he incoherently rambles about the alleged ties between Eugenics and Progressivism, the Wisconsin Idea, "Fighting Bob" and others.  He declares that "racism hid behind the mask of 'progress'." He goes on to make many absurd and highly offensive declarations about Wisconsin's history. Again there is far too much material to post here but it all points in the same direction.

I would encourage readers to more fully examine Scott Kenneth Noble's warped ideas and wild conspiracy theories but someone decided to block your full access to it.  Did Noble sell out to the party establishment who no doubt must have advised him to shut off access to his blog? Is the state party trying to hide the real Scott Kenneth Noble in plain sight? He really should show some leadership and make his blog fully available to voters.  They have a right to know the exact kind of crackpot that they might be getting.

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