Wednesday, January 14, 2009

No Longer a Judge, But Still Getting Reversed

Way back in September of 2007 I blogged about how conservatives had to settle for “a D-List Judge with D-List Grades” to run against then-Justice Louis Butler. That blog focused on Michael Gableman and the frequency with which he had been reversed as Burnett County Judge. Even though Gableman no longer sits in that position, he apparently has not lost his propensity for rejection.

In November he asked the three-judge panel that is handling the ethics complaint against him to stop the Judicial Commission’s pursuit of the matter. Apparently he believes that the complaint interferes with his right to lie. The three-judge panel considering the ethics complaint dismissed his request on Tuesday. Even though he is no longer a circuit court judge, it looks like Michael Gableman is going to find new and creative ways to continue his tradition of being dismissed, over-ruled and otherwise “reversed”.

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