Saturday, January 24, 2009

Public Defenders of Right Wing Hypocrisy

It was only months ago that all of right wing Wisconsin was frothing at the thought of a former public defender being retained on the state Supreme Court. Even though Louis Butler is a giant legal mind, they used his distinguished career against him, most often his work as a public defender. By the time they were finished they had all but indicted him for the alleged crimes of his former clients, reduced our most basic rights to “loop holes” and exploited tragic cases by use of gross distortions and flat lies. Now their shamelessness has come full circle as they are beginning to fawn over the next right wing activist-in-waiting, Randy Koschnick.

Even though they were condemning the necessary and noble work of public defenders only months ago, now they find themselves in the strange position of lauding the position. Clearly they are changing on a dime because Randy Koschnick spent most of his legal career as a public defender. During those 14 plus years he represented many people charged with many terrible crimes, including one very infamous one. Many of the same right wingers that were condemning Butler are now praising the legal career of Randy Koschnick, twisting themselves into shameful pretzels in the process.

The only right wing ideologue that I am aware of that has actually managed to stay somewhat consistent is Milwaukee-area talk show host Mark Belling. Although I vehemently disagree with his vile approach to criminal law (among many other things), he at least has not sold his soul on this specific issue. Early in the process he voiced his opposition to Randy Koschnick as the conservative candidate for the high court. Most of the others have already begun falling in line, checking any remaining credibility at the door.

Most right wing bloggers and others have shown no shame in supporting something that only bred contempt in them mere months ago. One can only assume that the right wing sugar daddy types that funded last year’s slander are not far behind. With their sudden love for public defenders they will also find themselves publicly defending something else: right wing hypocrisy.

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