Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Another Example of "Total Unity"

In April I blogged about an email that a Wisconsin Republican sent to RPW Chair Reince Priebus. The email was an inquiry about his trip to Washington D.C. If you recall, his response to the email was the following:

"Total unity and Steele kicking ass...Really no lie - I will send you the links"

My April blog posting was a reaction to a rapid fire series of RNC controversies, which seems to be the hallmark of Michael Steele's tenure as RNC Chairman. Now only a couple of months later we have an entirely new example of what Priebus calls "total unity".

Recently Steele was caught on tape blaming President Obama for the war in Afghanistan and essentially saying that it is a failure and that it should have never been fought in the first place. Not only has Michael Steele apparently forgotten who was president when the war was first launched but he has also ignored years of Republican declarations and positions about the war. His caught-on-tape moment has brought with it another round of Republican "total unity" dramatics.

Here are just a handful of relevant "links" that spell out the current situation:

Top Republicans Pile On Steele, Call for His Ouster
McCain calls Steele's remarks on Afghan war 'wildly inaccurate'

Liz Cheney joins calls for Steele to step down as leader of the RNC

Republican Senators Denounce Steele’s Remarks

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