Friday, July 02, 2010

Happy Fourth (Unless You're Unemployed)

Just before leaving town, two of Wisconsin's most extreme and out-of-touch representatives in Congress voted against extending unemployment benefits through November. Naturally those two were Paul Ryan and F. Jim Sensenbrenner. Two guys that have never had to seriously worry about how they were going pay their most basic bills and take care of their family.

In an era when being Republican means party line votes and saying "no" to everything, it was actually quite remarkable that 29 of them actually voted "yes" to further help those that are struggling. This fact pushes Ryan and Sensenbrenner even further to the extreme corner that most of us already know that they occupy.

Ryan and Sensenbrenner's votes not only show that they have zero interest in struggling Americans but it also reveals their tendency to put rigid ideology over actual results. A study from the Congressional Budget Office ranked unemployment insurance as the most effective form of economic stimulus.

While they attend Fourth of July events, someone should remind them that there is nothing patriotic about sitting in the lap of luxury while causing further misery for a struggling working class.

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