Thursday, August 05, 2010

One Delusional Republican Endorses the Other

So how perfect is it that Congressman Paul Ryan would endorse equally delusional Republican Scott Walker? What is even more remarkable is that he would use the words "smart budgeting" and "less government spending" in any conversation about either his own record in Congress or for Scott Walker's failure as Milwaukee County Executive.

Scott Walker's own proposed budgets show that he has been willing to increase Milwaukee County spending by some 35% during his time as county executive. That number far eclipses Democratic Governor Jim Doyle's spending record over the same period.

And "smart budgeting"? I wonder what is "smart" about at least $200 million in looming deferred maintenance in the Milwaukee County Parks system alone? I wonder what is "smart" about vetoing $150k for building inspections to only (after a tragedy) be forced later to spend an unexpected $700k in the form of a no-bid contract to a campaign contributor? I wonder who defines as "smart budgeting" the act of not paying a pension obligation and instead putting taxpayers on the hook for $400 million more in debt? Not to mention front loading 3 years of borrowing and spending into one (election) year.

One of the only people that could possibly be shameless enough to refer to Walker's record as "smart budgeting" and "less government spending" is Paul Ryan. He has applied that very same delusional practice to his own record in Congress.
Ryan voted in favor of every single federal budget-joining the then-Republican majority in increasing the federal budget by $1 trillion. During that time he also voted for defense authorization measures that were filled with massive earmarks and other pork barrel spending. Ryan is also a lead cheerleader for the renewal of George W. Bush tax cuts for the rich even though such giveaways are a major source of our increasing national deficit.

Given the fact that Paul Ryan suffers from serious delusions regarding his own record, it is really no surprise that he would endorse Scott Walker who suffers from the very same rhetoric v. reality syndrome.

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