Friday, August 27, 2010

Refreshing Walker's Recollection: BHD

Apparently someone needs to start refreshing Scott Walker's recollection.

This week we have learned all of the sordid details surrounding Scott Walker's dysfunctional stewardship of the Behavioral Health Division. His policies have caused major staffing problems, massive overtime and total instability. Walker's blindness toward his incompetent underlings (until this week) have only exacerbated those problems. For most of his tenure as county executive we have seen preventable tragedies at BHD coupled with total administrative negligence.

All of these Walker years of dysfunction certainly contrast sharply with his promises back in 2002. At that time he claimed that he didn't advocate privatization at BHD. In fact he went on to declare that he opposed "large-scale privatization in any area." Generally he said that "the first approach should be to make the system work better." Specifically about BHD he said that "efforts to improve and become more efficient must come first." [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 4/24/02]

Obviously it didn't take Scott Walker very long to "forget" these promises. It seems to be a pattern with him: say anything to get elected and then lose your memory after you win. In this specific example, contrary to his words in 2002, Walker has sought to privatize in just about every area possible. He has made it his mission to do this regardless of the actual cost.

As far as Walker's promises to "make the system work better" and to "improve and become more efficient"...well it doesn't take a rocket scientist to confirm that he certainly failed to deliver on those. There is nothing "efficient" about a dangerously short staffing and exploding overtime costs. Likewise, I don't think that anyone would describe what has actually happened on Walker's watch as making "the system work better".

While he runs around making promises and saying anything to get elected, someone really should be present to continually "refresh his recollection" on his own record.

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