Friday, October 29, 2010

Walker Changes Reason for Vetoing Fairness

In an email to their subscribers, Wispolitics is reporting on Scott Walker's new reason for vetoing fairness last year. If you will recall, he vetoed the idea of conducting a study for extending benefits to county workers in domestic partnerships. According to today's Wispolitics report, he says that he vetoed that measure because of some phony concern related to the constitutional amendment passed in 2006. So is he lying now or was he lying at the time that he vetoed equality? Because at that time he claimed he was doing it purely for financial reasons. Now he is suddenly "coming out of the closet" revealing that he really did it because of the constitutional amendment (you know, the constitutional amendment whose dishonest supporters claimed wouldn't interfere with such benefits?). Typical and extreme Scott Walker, he will say anything and everything to further his political ambitions. Even if it conflicts with his own words. This supposed "values" crowd clearly doesn't value honesty.

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