Thursday, October 21, 2010

Walker Continues Down Shameless Road

Last November I posted a blog about Scott Walker's shamelessness regarding a very specific transportation issue. Now we find ourselves with yet another installment of Scott Walker saying and doing anything to advance his own political career. Again it comes during a discussion about transportation.

On the stump Walker has attacked the idea of raiding the state's transportation fund to fill budgetary holes. Earlier this week he made the same kinds of comments at the annual meeting of the Transportation Development Association of Wisconsin. As usual with Scott Walker, there is another side (consisting of his actual record) to this story.

Scott Walker's history as Milwaukee County Executive shows that he is most definitely willing to raid transportation funds to fill the endless holes in his budgets. Milwaukee County's sales tax revenue was supposed to only be used to pay debt or to fund capital projects such as road repair and construction. Almost immediately after taking office in 2002, Walker sought to change those county statutes, so he could raid the fund. [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 10/5/02, 5/23/03, 5/7/06]

Scott Walker was successful in raiding it and proceeded to raid it every year since to fill the ever gaping holes in his budgets. Milwaukee County numbers show that his total raiding of those transportation funds totals over $109 million!

So we are supposed to believe Scott Walker's rhetoric about raiding transportation funds even though his record as county executive shows him doing the exact opposite? This Walker hypocrisy is shameless enough but what makes it worse is that it is coming from the guy that owns the "worst road in the State of Wisconsin".

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