Thursday, May 03, 2012

Tommy and Trouble in the Tea Party II

It looks like DC Super Lobbyist Tommy Thompson is having trouble with the Tea Party again. In fact it seems that the Republican establishment is trying to actually block Tea Party influence at the RPW convention. Apparently "...the Wisconsin GOP is getting ready to disqualify hundreds of tea party activists as delegates to the state convention". Word on the street is that the Republican establishment is worried that Tommy will be embarrassed at the convention.

Jeff Simpson wrote about this here: "The 10 people left in the 'tea party' are going to be mad!" 

Phil at Blogging Blue gave his take here: "Schadenfreude: Tommy Thompson Edition

If this drama sounds familiar it is because Tommy had the same kind of strong Tea Party resistance when he sent up trial balloons for a U.S. Senate run in 2010.  Those trial balloons were quickly and embarrassingly shot down.  Do you remember the leaked email from Tea Party leaders? Remember how outraged they were at the Republican establishment attempts to push Tommy on them?

Just in case you would rather have a visual example, here is a video showing the Tea Party disdain for Tommy Thompson. I hope someone is shooting video at the convention if the Republican establishment really does try to silence and otherwise block the "true believers" that they were so willing to use over the last few years.


Paul Trotter said...

Did you give some of those Teabaggers helium before they spoke or what? Good Lord!

Anonymous said...

Neumann wanted to block Tea Party backers of Hovde from getting into Convention, then blamed it on Tommy.

Gareth said...

Judging from Hovde's TV commercials his argument is that New York city banksters and hedge fund managers are evil and destroying America, whereas Washington D.C. banksters and hedge fund managers like himself are patriotic. Am I wrong, or is there some latent anti-semitism in his messaging?

Thompson- Bloated, greedy old drunk
Neumann- Crazy eyes, demented smile
Fitgerald- Dumb as a bag of rocks
Hovde- Washington insider, bankster

Republicans, choose your poison.
Congratulations to Senator Baldwin.