Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Walker: "She did what she was expected to do"

WTDY asked Scott Walker what Kelly Rindfleisch did in his office as Milwaukee County executive.  Part of Walker's response was very interesting and perhaps more telling than he had originally planned.  Walker responded saying "she did what she was expected to do".  A very odd comment given what has transpired since she worked for him in Milwaukee County.

Kelly Rindfleisch's time serving Scott Walker has resulted in a felony case alleging multiple counts of misconduct in public office. The details from the resulting criminal complaint also revealed that she did some of the following 20 feet away from Scott Walker's desk:

  • Authored more than 1,000 campaign-related emails including fundraising on county time.
  • Those contacts included campaign operatives like Keith Gilkes, Stephan Thompson, Jill Bader and others.
  • There were also communications with longtime Walker friend and county/campaign aide Jim Villa, who had an unofficial advisory role with Walker's 2010 campaign.
  • She was involved in the use of a secret network system allegedly used for both campaign and official county business.
  • Minutes after Scott Walker's "we cannot afford another story like this one" email to Tim Russell, Rindfleisch responded to Russell via internet chat saying “I took the wireless down. It’s in my bag for now.” 
  • In online chats Jim Villa told Rindfleisch "YOU are the political operation in that office now" and "Keith [Gilkes]will work better with you than with Tim [Russell]" 
  • While chatting online with George Ermert she admits,"really, half of the stuff I am doing is policy for the campaign." 
So these are things that the criminal complaint alleges that Rindfleisch was doing on county time and 20 feet from Walker's desk. These alleged activities are illegal and have resulted in criminal felony charges against Rindfleisch.  Yet Scott Walker says that "she did what she was expected to do."

For once I just might agree with Scott Walker on something. I also believe that Rindfleisch did EXACTLY what HE expected her to do.  And that is the entire problem.

ht: Jud Lounsbury

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