Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Who will be the next inappropriately featured person on AFC lit?

There are several competitive primaries in Milwaukee right now and recent events have certainly made them "interesting" to watch.  Maybe I'm paying particularly close attention to this because one of them is happening in the Assembly District where I live.

I've already written about why I am supporting and voting for Mandela Barnes.   I personally feel that Jason Fields takes his job for granted and I get the sense that he has lost touch with many of his actual constituents.  Why else would he spend so much effort and time with right wing special interests like the American Federation for Children (AFC)?  They appear to be paying him back for his representation of their interests by essentially conducting his entire lit operation this year.

Early last week I received literature from AFC touting Fields and pretending to care about "Democratic values".  The original lit piece was so highly deceptive that it brought a great deal of attention.  Not the least of which was the inappropriate and perhaps fictional comments from popular Milwaukee Democrats.

Later in the week I got yet another lit piece from AFC pushing Fields.  Again it had the deceptive rhetoric pretending that this rabidly right wing organization gave one rip about "Democratic values".  And again this latest AFC lit piece used what appears to be an inappropriate and deceptive photo.  It features a large photo of Rev. Jesse Jackson posing with Jason Fields.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm sure that they may agree on many things but I don't believe for a second that Rev. Jackson is on board with the extreme AFC agenda.  That is a relevant point because it is AFC's entire reason for backing Jason Fields so hard in the first place. It is also deceptive because as far as I know Rev. Jackson has not endorsed Jason Fields or anyone else in this primary.

I am fairly certain that Jason Fields will not speak out against these very deceptive AFC lit pieces.  He will not do so because they are essentially running his entire lit operation right now.  He will also not speak out against the AFC deceptions because he has a very cozy and most unfortunate relationship with this right wing special interest.

Since I am positive that we will continue seeing deceptive literature coming from AFC in this Assembly District primary, I'm only left wondering who will be inappropriately featured on the next one? If you have a guesses (funny or serious) please leave a comment below.


Anonymous said...

I'm looking for a group picture of Fields with Zelig, Forrest Gump, Fred Noonan, Judge Crater and Ted Kennedy.

Cory Liebmann said...

You might want to ask AFC, they seem to keep images of him on file.

Forward Our Motto said...

Scott Walker? They might get their targeting lists confused...

capper said...

I hear they will have one with a personal endorsement from Abraham Lincoln coming out this weekend.