Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Flood of New Lit in the 11th Assembly District

Today I checked my mail and found 4 lit pieces all of which were focused on the 11th Assembly District race between incumbent Jason Fields and Mandela Barnes.  As I've said before, I support and plan to vote for Barnes in this race.

As we already know the right wing org American Federation for Children is apparently running Jason Field's entire direct mail campaign.  They have sent out repeatedly dishonest  pieces pretending to speak for "Democratic values" and such.  Even though nearly the entire apparatus of this organization exists to prop up Republicans, they pretend in their lit to chide the very same Republican policies that they support.  The entire thing is so sleazy and deceptive.

The last AFC piece that I highlighted had a giant picture of Rev. Jesse Jackson shaking hands with Jason Fields.  As I said before, I don't believe for a second that Rev. Jackson has endorsed anyone in this primary and I am certain that he doesn't support this right wing organization or its goals to undermine public education. When I wrote about the Jackson lit piece I asked whose picture they would inappropriately use next.  Today I got my answer.

Jesse Jackson again...and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  This new lit piece goes on with the same kind of dishonest and disingenuous messaging.  "Past generations fought and sacrificed for our civil rights. Today we must fight again."  It then goes on to attack Republicans in Madison for installing voter ID.  Yeah, I'm sure the DeVos Family really hate the idea of Voter ID.  Give me a break, these people are shameless and dishonest. While many of these people are pious posers in the end its all relative and the ends justify their scandalous means.

Aside: Then there was this lit piece from a group critical of Jason Fields.  I'm supporting his opponent but there is something about this one that bothers me.   I don't know if I feel like it is demeaning or what...it just doesn't feel right and I'm concerned that this kind of thing could backfire. The other two lit pieces that I got today were fairly standard.

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