Friday, December 30, 2005

It was a WE Energies Christmas!

While looking over today’s Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, I saw a headline that reminded me of my family’s Christmas. “Gifts of Utility Bill Payments Rise, Along With Rates” it read.

Although their was no gift card that was purchased, the big gift someone got for the holiday was help in paying their WE Energies bill. Doesn’t it just make you warm and fuzzy all over? This is no deadbeat. This person works hard full-time and recently even took on other work to try and make ends meet.

Memo to all of you that don’t know what it means to struggle: It only takes one or two major events to put a working man behind for a long time.

The person in my family had a work slowdown, a family health issue, and a car accident, all in just a few months. A situation that was fairly stable turned into an exercise of robbing Peter to pay Paul. “What do you want for Christmas this year?” the family asked. “I’m behind with my WE Energies bill, could you help me pay it?” the once proud person replied. So I guess it was a Merry Christmas to the family member, who is at least caught up with THAT bill, and a Merry Christmas to WE Energies! Perhaps this kind of gift giving combined with rising rates will help them post yet another large profit next quarter.

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