Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Walker Anti-Stimulus Tour

Who can forget the beginning of the year, when Scott Walker first refused federal stimulus money for Milwaukee County? He was rightfully panned from all sides, even from some of his most adoring fans in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and in the Milwaukee business community. Eventually he created confusing and ever evolving criteria so that he could give any answer that a potential voter would want to hear on the subject. But despite his deception and various positions, everyone knows that he was and still is against the stimulus. Quite simply it appeases the extreme right wing that makes up his base of support for the Republican primary for governor. Walker hates the federal stimulus, every knows it, and he should have to own his position. All over the entire state.

Our friends at Heartland Hollar were definitely on to something regarding a recent Walker stop in Slinger. In that posting they questioned if Scott Walker was going to tell the folks at the Slinger Nationals that their town should give back their part of the stimulus money. Since Walker is so clearly anti-stimulus, I wholeheartedly agree. He should have to make this case as he tours all of the towns and cities that are benefiting from these funds. As the local media reports on his various campaign stops, they should also report Walker's explanation for why their communities should give back the federal stimulus dollars.

Here is a list of past Walker Campaign stops. With each location, I have listed the stimulus money received by that municipality and/or area:

His "Special Announcement": Green Bay area ($23,526,898), Marathon County ($20,248,626) , Eau Claire area ($10,471,988), Dane County ($25,516,683), Wauwatosa ($5,216,887) ,Delavan area ($2,162,818)

The Republican Party Convention: La Crosse ($4,606,536)

County "Dairy Breakfast" Events: Jefferson ($1,809,899), Fond du Lac ($2,459,867), Dodge ($1,561,519)

Fourth of July Parades: Menomonee Falls ($3,459,932), Grafton ($1,480,404)

Fish Day Parade: Port Washington area ($2,299,026)

Those are just the events listed on his campaign site's calendar. This list does not even begin to include the scores of other campaign related events that he mentions on his Twitter page and elsewhere. Again, he should be telling all of these communities about why they should give back their stimulus money and why they don't really need it for their local projects.

This weekend Scott Walker has the following upcoming campaign events listed:

Brat Days: Sheboygan area ($12,016,794)

County Fair: Racine County ($18,004,685), Rock County ($27,129,178)

This weekend the local media should force Scott Walker to fully explain himself. He should be forced to tell them exactly why their communities should send back their share of the federal stimulus money. Such a blatant act of journalism could actually start an interesting trend. A trend that could start what I would like to call the "Walker Anti-Stimulus Tour".

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Klauser is a “False Prophet” and Other Insults

When I wrote about how nasty Scott Walker supporters have been towards Mark Neumann and his backers, I had no idea that one person could out insult all the others put together. It shouldn't be too big of a surprise that this person is right wing loud mouth Mark Belling. Thanks to the right wing Badger Blogger, I heard a segment of Billings' show from July 17th. I must admit that I would have never heard the extended rant had they not provided the audio. The basic premise that Belling made is that the left is tougher and much more politically skilled than the right. I didn't find this point particularly interesting or accurate but I was fascinated at how he insulted and attacked just about every Republican and conservative in the process.

Belling is clearly a long time Scott Walker cheerleader and has zero tolerance for anyone else trying to run against him in the primary for governor. So that means the worst of the insults during his July 17th rant were directed at anyone possibly responsible for Mark Neumann getting into the race. For most Walker supporters that hostility is largely saved for Republican big deal Jim Klauser. Belling said that he was disappointed in Mark Neumann for turning over his campaign to someone that he called a "false prophet". He warned his listeners to be wary of such "false prophets" that claim to be Republicans because it is their only way to get power.

Apparently the fact that Jim Klauser is not backing Walker is not the only reason that Belling attacked him. Belling has apparently joined the paranoia of Rep. Robin Vos in thinking that a new business group (that Klauser is a part of) actually exists to raise money for the current governor. In fact Belling is so sure of this conspiracy that he took to calling long-time Republican and Tommy! aide, Phillip Prange, a (political) "transvestite" because "he goes both ways." I'm not sure he is using the correct terminology here but you get the point.

Belling was certainly not finished attacking his fellow Republicans by a long shot. He went on to berate the group that is trying to recall the Governor, the "(John) Torinus crowd", and Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce (who he called a "sell out" and "weak"). Sad to say, he also dismissed nearly all of the right wing groups (there is a new one every year) as being ineffective. Sorry MacIver, WPRI and others! Belling also stated that he has zero confidence in the Republican Party of Wisconsin because they are "run by amateurs." He must have been extra grumpy because then he even indirectly insulted his own candidate Scott Walker. He observed that Walker has "very few people around him that know what they are in for".

I wonder if the Walker campaign agrees with the nastiness and name calling by some of his strongest supporters. If he doesn't agree, then why not publicly condemn it? After all, they are all doing this on his behalf. If he does agree with it, does he really think that it is a winning strategy to insult and viciously attack every conservative that hasn't bowed down to endorse him thus far? If he continues to let his supporters go on these vicious attacks then we are in for a much more entertaining primary than I first thought.

Twit Off: The Macho Edition

All of the cool people in Wisconsin are following our award winning coverage of the Twit off between Mark Neumann and Scott Walker (by the way Neumann appears to be slowly closing the gap every day). Most things that are so wildly successful usually have some sort of spin off and our coverage of the Republican Twits is certainly no exception. That is why I decided to introduce, "Walker v Neumann: The Twit Off-Macho Edition".

It appears that our European friends at Stockholm Pride have devised a site that analyzes your Twitter feed to find out how "hetero" it is based on the words that you use. Just to make sure that the device worked properly, I first tested it on my own Twitter feed. I found that it was very accurate as it gave my feed a 97% hetero score (in your face Wifamilycouncil!). It commented that my Twitter feed even "makes Chuck Norris look gay."

With the testing out of the way, I decided to try the two Republican Twits that are running for governor. Now this is a very important question because we all know how important it is to the average GOP primary voter! Who has the most macho Twitter feed?

Scott K Walker: 39 % Hetero

Mark Neumann: No Score *

*It appears that Mark Neumann's Twitter feed "didn't use cliché words" so it didn't even merit a score! Who knew that was even possible?

Notice to the respective campaign managers: Your guy really needs to "butch up" his Twitter feed if they have any hope of winning the GOP primary! Maybe Mark Todd (70%) does have a chance after all.

As we continue to monitor the Twit off in the coming months, we will also update on the macho meter for Scott Walker and Mark Neumann. Stay tuned.

ht: Walker's Point blog for pointing me to the site.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Who is Paying RJ and Why isn’t it Walker?

July 20th marked the filing deadline for the latest campaign finance reporting period. Most of the press coverage coming out of that filing deadline was about the amount of money that Scott Walker had raised. Perhaps a few reporters should have looked a little closer at Walker's filing because it raises some rather interesting questions that should be asked. Even though they are being rather low key right now, I'm pretty sure that the Mark Neumann campaign noticed them already.

The first thing that I noticed is that Walker's filing doesn't report anything being paid to their General Consultant RJ Johnson. We know that he has at least been working for Walker's campaign since his "very special announcement" in late April. I actually hear that he may have been working with Walker for even longer than that, perhaps going into last year. So why don't the last couple finance reports show him getting paid? I don't personally know, but I hear from a good source that RJ's normal monthly fee for such a project is usually pretty high. So where is his money? Has he been working for free and if so, why isn't it being reported as an in-kind contribution (even though it would certainly pass legal limits)?

Even if RJ Johnson is giving his work away to the Walker Campaign for free, we need not worry too much for him because he has certainly had other work this year. Remember that RJ has done quite a bit of work with the Wisconsin Club for Growth, at least some of which appeared to be done around the same time that he was announced as part of team Walker. Wisconsin Club for Growth is one of the right wing orgs that have been attacking the Governor (the office coincidentally that RJ's nonpaying boss wants to take over). And by the way, does Wisconsin Club for Growth take corporate contributions? If so, is RJ still getting these corporate funded paychecks while apparently giving away his services to the Walker Campaign? One thing that we do know for sure is that Republican money bags Terry Kohler is a major big dollar contributor to the Club for Growth. We also know that he is a big fan of Scott Walker. Is there a connection or two that we should make here? I don't know, but someone might want to check into it.

In the end, perhaps the most important questions are simply; who is paying RJ Johnson and why isn't it the Walker Campaign?

UPDATE: Cognitive Dissidence explores more interesting issues in Walker's filing in "Money for Nothing, Consultants and Plane Ride for Free"

UPDATE 2: Heartland Hollar offers, "Walker's Receiptgate"

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Who Do You Trust?

There has been much talk in recent days about the President's poll numbers slipping slightly. That is no surprise because he did inherit the worst economy since the Great Depression and is trying to take bold action to solve the problems left over from the Bush train wreck. Even with the very slight dip in these recent polls, those same polls indicate that the public trusts the President across the board to deal with all of the main issues that we face. He is still more than 20 percentage points ahead of Republicans on all of the major issues. This helpful chart from Yglesias:

The Party of No...Healthcare

Our friends at Heartland Hollar remind us that this GOP approach to real healthcare reform goes way back.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Whoa…Speed Racer…Whoa!

Gee, I know that Scott Walker has been designated the Grand Marshall for the Miller Lite Slinger Nationals but his fans are taking this a little too literally. Walker has received quite a bit of press recently over his fundraising during the last reporting period. Listening to right wing sugar daddy Michael Grebe and Walker's cadre of faithful disciples, you'd think that he is already taking the victory lap. Slow down there speed racer! There is more than a year before even the primary gets here.

As Capper has already observed, these numbers are not quite as impressive when taken in their full and complete context. Even a well-known conservative blogger tries to give a little history lesson in an attempt to calm the Walkerite hysteria.

Perhaps a more interesting reaction came from Walker's most formidable opponent for the Republican primary, Mark Neumann. Neumann, who formally entered the race after the reporting period ended, responded to Walker's fundraising by shrugging his shoulders and saying, "it's a good number". He then goes on to describe his own fundraising operation as "awesome". This wouldn't be that big of a surprise, because he has a few Republican money bags of his own (including himself). Neumann not only minimized Walker's fundraising numbers but goes on to suggest that Scott was only able to get that much because he was "virtually uncontested" during the entire reporting period.

I think what all of these folks are trying to tell team Walker is that you don't win anything after doing your first practice lap. But go ahead and knock yourself out if you really must.

As an aside: Given his propensity for corniness at these sorts of events, what are the odds that Walker will play dress up at the Slinger Nationals? I'm not a racing fan, but it just might be worth the price of admission.

UPDATE: Heartland Hollar adds the blog "Grand Marshall of No". It highlights Walker's opposition to federal stimulus dollars and how much of it was given to Slinger and Washington County. Will Walker protest that funding during his "duties" as grand marshall?

Monday, July 20, 2009

Gableman Must Love Loopholes Now!

During what was one of the sleaziest campaigns for the state's high court, Michael Gableman repeatedly suggested that constitutional protections were mere "loopholes" designed to let the guilty go free. With all of the various complaints that have been filed against him, he surely has become a pretty big fan of what he would have called "loopholes" during his campaign.

One Wisconsin Now revealed last year that as a District Attorney he made what clearly appeared to be political fundraising calls from his office phone. We are not talking about just a few quick calls since the number was actually closer to 60 and was to a who's who list of GOP operatives and fundraisers. Furthermore the calls from his official phone were made just prior to a fundraiser that Gableman was helping organize for then-Governor Scott McCallum (the same guy that later appointed him out of nowhere to be a judge) . Anyone that looks at the timeline and the people that were called, can only come away with one answer about what he was doing.

As a result of this pretty clear violation, OWN asked multiple DA's to investigate but everyone passed the buck (including Sean Duffy who might take this decision as a green light to raise political funds on his own official phone). Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen's office then helped run out the clock for Gableman by also refusing to investigate the clear violations. As a result OWN was left with filing a complaint with the State Office of Lawyer Regulation.

Over the weekend we learned that those regulators had essentially come to the conclusion that they couldn't prove Gableman's intent, so they dismissed the case. This decision didn't vindicate him in any way, as they clearly noted his inappropriate actions. They simply didn't feel that they could prove his actual intent (they clearly underestimate their own abilities).

I don't know about you, but that sounds an awful lot like a giant loophole that Gableman just skated through. I wonder how much he dislikes loopholes now?

Friday, July 17, 2009

GOP Takes Losing Healthcare Strategy Nationwide

Real health care reform is arguably the most important issue that we face both in Wisconsin and across the nation. The Governor and Democrats in the Legislature have consistently been on the front lines of trying to find real solutions to the health care crisis. Republicans on the other hand have been advocates of the dysfunctional status quo and I still believe that is a major reason for their electoral losses that started in 2006 and continue now. Apparently Wisconsin Republicans have shipped their failed strategy (recycled from the early 90's) back to D.C. and their national counterparts are now using all of the same do-nothing talking points.

Republican obstructionists in D.C. also appear to be relying on GOP wordsmith Frank Lutz. He authored a memo in May suggesting what poll-tested words they could use to convince Americans that real health care reform is bad. Clearly the GOP parrots listened as they have begun erecting straw men with words like "rationing", "takeover", and "bureaucrat". They will soon realize that the pain suffered by millions has moved the public far past their stale word games and PR campaigns. When it comes to our national health care crisis, the public wants bold new action not more of the same. Americans have repeatedly shown that they are ready for real change, especially in the area of health care, and no losing GOP strategy from the past is going to stop it.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Walker v Neumann: The Twit Off

Earlier this week the Captial Times did a story on political campaigns and their increased use of social networking sites. The story largely focused on the use of Twitter and Facebook by Republican gubernatorial candidates Scott Walker and Mark Neumann. Reading the story made me curious so I took a look at what both campaigns are doing on Twitter.

First, as Dan Cody has already pointed out, Walker and Neumann are using Twitter in very different ways. Walker seems to be using it as just another way to preach to the choir and talk AT people. Walker also takes every cheap shot at the current governor that he can possibly think up. When he is not doing that he's telling us things about his daily life that we didn't need to know. One of my favorites is when he sent out a tweet about standing in some sub shop up north, when at the same time Milwaukee was in full scale emergency mode because of a possible pandemic. Mark Neumann seems to be using his Twitter account to actually interact with his followers. Most of his tweets are replies to people and so far they are not written in Walker-style cheap shot form.

Aside from the different ways that Walker and Neumann are using their Twitter accounts, it is also interesting to look at the raw numbers. Walker started seriously using his Twitter account months before Neumann. In fact Neumann just launched his a few weeks ago. So far Walker has posted 388 updates to Neumann's 90. Given those lopsided numbers and the Twittering head start that Walker had, I was surprised to see how many followers Neumann already has compared to Walker: 1,133 for Scott and 859 for Mark. Twittering Republicans (at least) don't appear to be totally sold on Walker quite yet. If Mark Neumann was able to catch up so quickly, where will those numbers be in a month or in two? Will he pass Walker? Either way, what will it say about the Republican primary if anything?

For the record, I will be keeping a close Eye On these developments and report back as the numbers change. No doubt this will become a series and I'd like to now officially dub it, "Walker v Neumann: The Twit-Off"

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Introducing Milwaukee County First

A new and necessary network of organizations and individuals has formed to stop the decline of Milwaukee County. They aim to restore Milwaukee County assets and services to their former first class status. This new organization is appropriately called Milwaukee County First. It is exciting to see people aggressively organize around such an important issue. It is not only important to our local community but also to our entire state. It is additionally exciting to see the great people that are involved with this effort. They are dedicated and passionate in their support for Milwaukee County and in making it their first priority.

Here is a self description that Milwaukee County First gives in their introductory press release:

Milwaukee County First is a grassroots network of organizations and individuals from all walks of life, united to amplify their voices in the cause of stopping the decline of Milwaukee County, restoring its assets and services to their former first class status, and keeping Milwaukee County a place where people will want to work, to play, and to live.

Milwaukee County is a shadow of what it once was.  Its parks, once a necklace of jewels, are now unkempt and overgrown.  Its transit system, once a yardstick for the nation, is now fighting for its very survival.  The social services and safety net that Milwaukee County once provided has been scaled down so much that the State of Wisconsin had to intervene to protect the most vulnerable of the county's citizens.  Its infrastructure is crumbling and years behind in necessary repairs.

The causes of this decline in Milwaukee County's status are many, from the dire economic times we are in, to local leaders, past and present, who have put their self-interests before those of the people they serve.  It is time, if not beyond time, for civic leaders to once again put the interests of Milwaukee County first.  It is time to make Milwaukee County a first-class economic and social region for the State of Wisconsin and the entire Midwest. This is why residents from throughout Milwaukee County have come together to form Milwaukee County First.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Will Scott Walker Refuse This Funding Too?

When Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker first said that he would refuse any federal stimulus money for the county that he is supposed to be managing, I joined throngs of others criticizing him. In that initial blog I mentioned that if this statement was not politically motivated, then why has he sought federal funding for other pet projects? Why does the county still employ the services of a lobbyist in D.C.? The questions were clearly rhetorical because we all know that his declaration was about appealing to the far right base that he is courting for the GOP primary for governor. Even though we know that, it was right to point out the fact then and it is right to continue to do so now.

The crack team at Heartland Hollar pounced on Walker last week asking whether he would now refuse new federal money to fight both the seasonal and H1N1 flu. We already know that Walker was not very excited to address the public health emergency when it first surfaced, so does his inaction and his position on federal money mean that he will give our share to Waukesha County? Given Scott Walker's various positions, it is a question that should be both asked and answered.

Now we hear that Milwaukee County, along with other area municipalities, are in line for federal funding to combat homelessness. The obvious question writes itself: Will Scott Walker reject this federal money also? If he does refuse the $700,000-plus, how does he plan on replacing it or won't he do anything at all?

Friday, July 10, 2009

Some Executives Lead the Way

Earlier this week the Subcommittee on Federal Workforce, Postal Service, and the District of Columbia held a hearing on domestic partnership benefits legislation. The hearing consisted of three panels of experts including Wisconsin's own Rep. Tammy Baldwin. Her presence was certainly no surprise since she was the one to introduce the Domestic Partnership Benefits and Obligations Act of 2009 (DPBO). Baldwin was also joined by an executive from American Airlines, who helped make the case for full benefits for gay and lesbian employees and their partners. In many ways American Airlines has led the way in this specific area and the executive encouraged that the government do the same for its employees.

In the area of domestic partnership benefits and LGBT equality, a good portion of corporate America is certainly leading the way. For example, in the Human Rights Campaign's (HRC) annual Corporate Equality Index report, 260 companies scored a 100 percent. For comparison, only 13 scored that high back in 2002 when HRC first published the report. Two of those 260 are corporations that are headquartered in Wisconsin. Those two are Milwaukee-based law firm Foley and Lardner and Racine's S.C. Johnson & Son Inc. Wisconsin corporations scoring a 100 percent on the Equality Index were behind all of our neighboring states with the exception of Iowa.

Illinois 22

Minnesota 12

Michigan 8

Wisconsin 2

Iowa 0

Surly there are other Wisconsin-based corporations that would do just as well on the Equality Index, perhaps they simply didn't know how to participate. One would think that organizations such as Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce (WMC), that purport to represent these corporations, would make it their job to inform their members of such honors (especially if they have earned them through outstanding policy). On the other hand, WMC was found severely lacking when the question of equality came in the form of the discrimination amendment of 2006. Perhaps the new Wisconsin Business Council will do a better job for Wisconsin and its membership in this area. Perhaps they will see the value in following the strong national trend toward equality for LGBT workers.

Read the full 2009 Corporate Equality Index (large pdf)

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Latest Brief Filed in Fight Over Amendment

Yesterday a brief was filed in the case William C. McConkey v. J.B. Van Hollen. The case is a challenge to the discrimination amendment that was passed in Wisconsin in 2006. Michael Leon gives us the details in the following blog posting at MAL Contends today.

Brief Looks to Doom Wisconsin Gay Marriage Ban

The Attorney General's reply is due on August 13. It will be interesting to watch him try and make the argument that the discrimination amendment didn't violate the "single subject" rule provided in our state constitution.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Robin Vos Tinfoil Hat Business

A new business group has been formed by a diverse set of Wisconsin business leaders. It is called the Wisconsin Business Council, and according to the initial reports, it will broaden advocacy for business and lessen the poisonous politics of groups like Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce (WMC). WMC had become little more than the sugar daddy arm of the Republican Party and its increasingly narrow and negative advocacy has became a major part of what is wrong in our state. If this new group is set to take a more productive track, then I think that this could be very welcome news. We shall see.

But not everyone is happy about the forming of the Wisconsin Business Council (WBC). One such person is the clueless (but ever talkative) State Representative Robin Vos (R-Caledonia). Perhaps he feels threatened because he and his party may not get the unquestioned support that they have enjoyed from WMC. Reacting to the new group, Vos made the absurd claim that it was simply a "front group" for Governor Doyle. He says this based only on the fact that one person on the organization's board used to work for the Governor. Perhaps Vos should have checked the list of other names involved before he shot off his mouth so quickly.

For example, are we really supposed to believe that former Thompson aide Jim Klauser is part of a "front group" for Governor Doyle? He is already the lead cheerleader for Mark Neumann. Joining Klauser on the advisory board is Republican money bags Fred Luber who has repeatedly been a fundraiser for Scott Walker's endless campaigns for governor. If you believe Vos, then Luber is apparently a double agent. The WBC board also includes former Thompson aide Phillip Prange and former Scott Walker Chief of Staff Jim Villa. Oh the betrayal! This grand conspiracy (that only Robin has detected) is getting more complicated by the moment!

Doesn't Robin own a popcorn business? Maybe he missed his true calling. Given this knee jerk reaction, maybe he would be better at manufacturing tinfoil hats.

Friday, July 03, 2009

Professor McBride Lectures Jim Klauser

Great news for the Scott Walker campaign! Recently popular UWM journalism instructor, Jessica McBride, has offered her endorsement of him. She did so in her most recent column in the Waukesha Freeman. She also takes the opportunity to lecture Republican big-wig and former Tommy! official Jim Klauser. It has been no secret that Klauser has been courting any Republican but Scott Walker to run for governor next year. He has clearly settled on former congressman Mark Neumann, who made it official a few days ago. Well, Mark Neumann and Jim Klauser should know that the professor does not agree.

In her Freeman column she makes the following pointed observations:

The Republican Party needs to unite around one candidate early and the powers-that-be or want-to-be (are you listening, Jim Klauser?), need to keep Neumann from entering the ring in the first place. (One could argue that the party already has rallied around Walker, but let's end the Neumann speculation now). For the life of me, I can't understand why Klauser and other holdovers from the Tommy Thompson regime are not rallying around Walker but are, to the contrary, attempting to recruit opponents against him.
I respect Neumann, but I think he's vulnerable to caricature by some of his extreme comments on social matters. I also think that the general public has largely forgotten his name.

For the rest of the column McBride offers a glowing (and delusional) review of the Walking failure from Wauwatosa.

Neumann: In Your Face Walker

We have already been tracking the many ways that perpetual candidate Scott Walker has delivered an "in your face" to his Republican Primary challenger Mark Neumann. Now that the former congressman has made his run against Walker official, he has delivered a few "in your face" moments back to Walker this week.

First, Neumann has received a ton of press for making his run official this week. The number of stories about him across the state absolutely dwarfs any coverage that Walker had recently (including his failed self promotion tour last week). Also Neumann took the opportunity to repeatedly drive home the talking point that he is a better choice than Walker because of his private sector experience and Walker's extreme lack thereof.

Now that this primary is officially on, it will be interesting to watch the coming "in your face" moments. Perhaps even more interesting will be what is said and done behind the scenes. For example, Walker recently announced that right-wing sugar daddy Michael Grebe as the chair of his campaign. At the same time Republican big wheel Jim Klauser is actively backing Neumann. Something tells me that we might miss some of the most interesting "in your face" moments but we will do our best to watch for them and blog all about it.

Is MacIver Tolerant of Racist Jokes?

Yesterday Milwaukee Journal Sentinel columnist Daniel Bice reported on a very racist comment made by the blogger for the MacIver Institute. Apparently the MacIver blogger felt it was appropriate to make the following comment on his Twitter account:

"Got my stimulus package in the mail today. It contained watermelon seeds, cornbread mix, and ten coupons to KFC."

These words are obviously very offensive and inappropriate on all levels. Given the wild rhetoric coming from the right-wing since we elected our first African American president, I'm not that surprised to see such words. Sadly it isn't the first example and it wont be the last. However I am a little surprised at the lack of a response by the conservative MacIver Institute.

When asked by Bice about his blogger's comments, MacIver President Brett Healy decided to give no comment at all. He claimed that he had not seen the tweet and wanted to read it first. I wonder if Brett has bothered to look at the comment yet and if he can now give an actual statement? How does he feel having his org's blogger making such statements? Does his silence equal official MacIver approval of such racist jokes?