Saturday, March 25, 2006

God Changes Mind, Endorses Doyle

I’m sure that most readers now know that Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker has quit his run for Governor. It seems that our very own Xoff may have predicted this a short time before the news broke. I think that I may start referring to him as "the Prophet".

In the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel story Walker is quoted as saying the following:

"I believe that it was God's will for me to run," Walker said. "After a great deal of prayer during the last week, it is clear that it is God's will for me to step out of the race."
First of all, I’m shocked that God endorsed Walker in the first place. You would think that this endorsement would have made some news in his hometown paper that is usually fawning over him. Walker did not care to advise us as to why God changed his mind or whom he has now chosen for Governor. I’m going to assume that his choice is now Jim Doyle.

Now Republicans are praising Scott Walker like he has done some noble act. While his act is good for the GOP, it was hardly selfless or noble. Walker finally realized what most people in the state already knew, HE COULD NOT WIN! So rather than go through a primary and get thumped, he decided to at least get as much political capital in his party as possible. No doubt he will seek to cash it in at a later time.

It does not take long to know that I am by no means a Walker fan. I think that he is way too obsessed with his political future. I think that he only became County Executive to position himself for a run at governor. I think that he has helped to bring economic disaster to Milwaukee County.

With all that said, I can think of maybe one positive thing to say about him. Occasionally, he would buck the party leadership and actually have an opinion that was his own. We cannot say that for Congressman Mark Green. He has been like a sheep following Bush and his party’s leaders right into the ditch on almost every issue.

Conventional wisdom tells us that Walker getting out of the race is good for Green and the Republicans. This analysis is probably more true than false. However, one good thing about this development is that I now get to focus much more attention on Mark Green. Given his voting record, ties to indicted congressmen, and possible ties to a convicted lobbyist, I will likely need this extra time. Thanks Scott Walker, and thank you God!

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