Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Grinch that wants to steal my sick days

Just in time for the holidays, Milwaukee’s big business lobby has filed a frivolous lawsuit against the people of Milwaukee. After all, it was almost a 70 percent majority that approved the paid sick day ordinance on November 4. Now that massive majority is being targeted by the big corporate bucks of the Metropolitan Milwaukee Association of Commerce (MMAC). We should have known that they were planning on getting nasty for Christmas when their mouthpiece compared supporters of sick days to terrorists. Apparently that kind of demagoguery is official policy at MMAC.

MMAC is apparently trying to use every legal loophole to thwart the will of the people while simultaneously making them pay needless legal bills. For what? Just because the people of Milwaukee put a priority on public health, lower-wage workers and their sick children.

Big business interests have always played the role of Chicken Little every time society has asked them to pay their fair share. Every time they claim that businesses will flee and jobs will be lost and every time their knee jerk claims are proven false. Paid sick days are no exception as it has already been done and has been a tremendous success. It looks like MMAC is not only content in playing the role of Chicken Little. Now they have decided to also play the role of the Grinch, the Grinch that wants to steal my sick days.

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Unknown said...

A keyboard in the hand of a liberal is a dangerous thing as time will tell in this blog posted here by Cory. Sorry Cory, I know you mean well, but your perspective is contained to a "very" limited view of life. A little dangerous to Milwaukee in the larger scheme as jobs will eventually leave Milwaukee as the MMAC is trying to avert. Milwaukee pay attention to MMAC, they are trying to help the city.

Dude, you have to think about this
legislation put on the ballot.

70 percent of Milwaukee voted for it. OK....how many of those people have invested their personal money in a business? Right down your answer here ______

Ok next question: how much money will this cost a business owner in a year? Put your answer here _______

Next question: How many businesses in Milwaukee do NOT have any competition from other businesses? Put your answer here __________

Next question: In a recessed economy (not far from a major depression) how many companies through lost sales (from competitors outside of Milwaukee) and sluggish sales because people are not spending money, how many Milwaukee companies will fold because of this legislation? 10% 25% 50% 75% 100% (circle one)

Next question: How Milwaukee residents will loose their jobs and income (they are not going to find another job in their skill because if a company survives this, guess what, they are NOT hiring Cory!!!!!)
Right the number of jobs lost next to the percentage:
10% how many jobs lost _____
25% _________
50% _________
75% _________

You see Cory, this is not about feeling good, you actually get to put this now in addition and subtraction, something Liberals never learned in school.

Next question: How many employers live in Milwaukee and voted verses employees living in Milwaukee and voted on this legislation? write down an estimate for all your readers Cory...go ahead take a guess ___________

Does this make you think a little Cory? Pretty fair legislation isn't it? How in the hell does legislation even get out of committee meeting on it's character and value?

Now, think about this Cory, if Milwaukee can legislate this type of law and put it before the people to vote on...is there anything they will not do?

I guarantee you this, business owners have some smarts. They run numbers, evaluate trends, do demographic studies, and study their market. They take risks with their money, but it is always a calculated risk.

We work 90 hours a week to eventually file bankruptcy and loose everything...right?

Cory tell your readers...I have owned my own business...YES or NO

Who are these people who would make
a referendum like this? What in the hell is in their head. No mathematics, I am sure of that.

My business is not based in Milwaukee, but if it was...guess what...the precedent set here would scare the Milwaukee right out of me.

Last question: Cory in view of the current history and character of Milwaukee legislators and voters, what is the future of Milwaukee business? What is the business climate here? (Circle One) Greatly improved / improved / Stays the same / Decline some / Greatly decline

Also for a bonus here, would you contrast lost money due to every employee taking paid sick days TO the cost of relocating outside of Milwaukee. $____________ vs $___________

Guess what Cory, I guarantee that accountants will recommend it and bankers will think it is a good investment to pay Coakley Brothers to move them to Brookfield.

Cory, next please document and publish the exodus of business over the next 1yr, 2yr, 3yr marks and make sure the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel publishes it on the FRONT PAGE. Also publish this blog along side of it. Let's face it I am addicted to facts.

Cory, I hope this response so offends you that you have to start over again and search your soul for why the hell you would support this piece of crap legislation.

If you apologize, I have made a friend, if you don't, I guess I would have to say, "no loss."

Dave P
born and raised in Milwaukee;
people used to live here but the community leaders destroyed it!