Thursday, April 23, 2009

Walker Should Let Neumann Hop On Back

Scott Walker is preparing to campaign on Milwaukee County taxpayer's dime again. Next week he is supposed to announce the latest chapter in his endless quest for the higher office. Then in June he will ride his motorcycle all over the state promoting himself. With a wink and a nod he claims that it is to promote Milwaukee County but it always happens in the middle of his never ending campaign for governor. He told Wispolitics that he would "keep a fairly good firewall" between his campaign and his alleged promotion of Milwaukee. That comment doesn't pass the smell test nor does it square with his past actions surrounding this ruse. In 2004 an email surfaced showing no "firewall" because his campaign staff and a Republican consulting firm helped do advance work and coordinate the trip.

Walker's self promotion tour is clearly unfair to Milwaukee County taxpayers, because it has very little to do with them. It is also pretty unfair to his most likely Republican primary rival Mark Neumann. The former congressman has been operating a private business in his time away from politics and can't rely on a government job to pay for a statewide tour to promote himself. Walker's little bike ride at Milwaukee taxpayer's expense gives him an unfair and unethical advantage over the wild eyed conservative from the south. If Walker is going to continue to act unethically with this taxpayer funded self promotion tour, the least he could do is try to be fair with his fellow Republican. Since this has little to do with promoting Milwaukee anyway, why not do the stand up thing and ask old Mark to hop on back? Maybe they could both do Wisconsin a favor and ride off into the sunset once and for all. I don't think Milwaukee County would mind investing $3,000 if that were the result of this trip.


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Anonymous said...

I don't remember you complaining when Tony Evers used the public email system to secure an unfair advantage over Rose Fernandez.

God, you guys are such hypocrites.

Cory Liebmann said...

who are you crying for mark neumann? i don't blame you, scott walker is not playing fair.

sounds like you are a sore loser and prone to changing the subject. comparing a one time honest mistake with repeated walker antics that happen year after year.

if we are "hypocrites" then what does that make you? i don't hear you condemning walker but clearly you condemned evers honest mistake.

Anonymous said...

Admittedly, yes I did want Rose to win, but it doesn't detract from the fact that you guys are crying about Walker using an inherent advantage of being noticeable when you were silent on Evers using Dickert's background with CESA to secure advantages.

Why didn't you condemnt Evers in any of your pre-election blogs?

Cory Liebmann said...

because the right wing conspiracy theories were complete bogus, which is why nothing ever came of it...

sorry, i don't have time to keep going round and round about that one. its over.

this blog posting is about how unfair walker is being to his fellow goper.

Anonymous said...

Right wing conspiracy theories? Um, . . . we have emails between Evers and Dickert where Evers expected Dickert to use his CESA connections as a CESA director to organize a fundraiser on his behalf. This is not theory, but reproducible fact.

Feel free not to respond. Typically, hypocrisy is not easy to defend.

Cory Liebmann said...

and nothing ever came of it...get over lost bad, it happens.

Anonymous said...


That's not the point! It's not like this happened 5 years ago where you can blame your bad memory. This just happened last month, and the reason you didn't complain about it then is because your candidate was the one guilty of using taxpayer privileges to help him campaign.

So don't waste your time writing articles whining about how devilish Scott Walker is when you were silent about Evers. Evers' situation was far worse and could actually be proven to be a violation of the law. You guys are a bunch of hypocrites.