Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A Potpourri of Shameless

Just in time for the holidays, we are all getting a complimentary potpourri from Milwaukee County! Unfortunately it is a potpourri of shameless, and it doesn't look half as lovely as the festive one pictured here.

Not only did Scott Walker successfully send a group of modestly paid workers to the unemployment line for the holidays, but he then bragged about it as a "win" for himself. As if that wasn't bad enough, this week we found out that the majority of the workers that he threw out were African-American. I don't think that I need to remind people how much worse the unemployment rate is for the African-American community as compared to the population as a whole. Maybe Scott Walker will send those families a Christmas card thanking them for helping him score a short lived political point. He deserves the national coverage that he is getting about his inability to control his toilets.

This week we also saw five of the seven people on the Milwaukee County Board's Personnel Committee vote to sustain Scott Walker's veto against LGBT families. The measure was only calling for a study to analyze the impact of offering benefits to the families of LGBT Milwaukee County workers. But why would they want a study when they can just cite some made up estimate that Walker's underling pulled out of thin air? If they actually got the results of a reliable study, then they might have to admit that this has nothing at all to do with money. It has everything to do with catering to Walker's extreme base.

I renew my call for Walker, David Arena and all five of those supervisors to give up their benefits because they are costing taxpayers too much! If they don't give up their benefits, then they should at least fully disclose how much their benefits are costing taxpayers.

As an aside, it was particularly galling to see Lynne De Bruin live up to her reputation and reverse herself at the slightest hint of pressure. I think members of the LGBT Community should start sending their property tax bills to her and ask her to pay the county portion of it. After all, why should the LGBT Community be first class taxpayers but second class citizens in Milwaukee County?

Just when you think your potpourri of shameless is complete, Scott Walker comes along with something new to add! I didn't think he could do it, but I think that Walker has come down on yet another side of the federal stimulus issue. Who knew that there were so many sides to it! Capper has the details, and believe me, they are the very definition of shameless.

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Anonymous said...

Scott Walker is to blame? Let me get this straight:

Union janitors hold a work stoppage (not surprising, it's their last day), Democrats gleefully take pictures... and the new private cleaners who haven't even started yet are to blame?

A new low in childishness. Maybe it plays with Unions, but that's only about 8 percent of the private sector, and not a majority of the public. Grown-ups see right through this stuff.