Thursday, April 08, 2010

Is This What He Meant by "Unity"?

Not even a full year ago, an inquiring mind sent an email to RPW Chair Reince Priebus asking how things were going while he was in Washington D.C. I assume that at least part of that question was about his involvement with the long train wreck that had already become Michael Steele's tenure at the Republican National Committee.

Reince repsonded, "Total unity and Steele kicking ass...Really no lie - I will send you the links"

I wonder if by "unity" Reince actually meant firings, resignations and calls for Steele to resign? I wonder if by "kicking ass" Reince actually meant that Steele was telling GOP big-wigs to "shut up..."get a life" and "fire me"?

As far as sending links, I wonder if Reince sent any of these as follow-ups?

"RNC Fallout: 'Ashamed' donor closes checkbook"

"RNC Document Mocks its Own Donors"

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Anonymous said...

Every time I think I figure out which stuntman is more ridiculous, Reince Priebus or Mark Jefferson, the other one says something and I have to change my position.