Thursday, February 10, 2011

Prosser: This is about ideology "and nothing more"

As soon as Justice David Prosser launched his campaign for the state Supreme Court it seemed that he put an immediate premium on partisanship. Remember his promise that he would serve as a "complement" to the new right wing legislature and governor? In addition he has kept busy running around to Republican organizations. I've already speculated that he may be defaulting back to his partisan days as the former Republican Speaker. Now it seems that we can add another example of Prosser valuing a hard right ideology above all else.

The latest in this pattern comes in the Prosser campaign's response to one of his three opponents for Supreme Court. Specifically it was Joel Winnig's comments about the dishonest "Justice" Michael Gableman. Among other comments, Winnig described Gableman as a "cancer" and that he should be removed from office. The Prosser campaign responded to Winnig's comments saying the following (as reported by Wispolitics in an email to their subscribers, the 2/9/11 PM Update):

“This election is about a 4-3 commonsense conservative majority vs. a 3-4 liberal majority, and nothing more.”

Again the Prosser campaign boils this race down to a dedication to a rigid right wing ideology. Call me crazy but that seems so inappropriate. How about this race being about the most qualified person that will approach each case without a bias of any kind and judge them individually based on the facts and the law? Apparently we can just throw those silly notions out the window because the only thing that matters to the Prosser campaign is ideological loyalty "and nothing more."

See also: IT's "Justice Prosser thinks Joel Winnig is smoking dope"


Anonymous said...

Winnig appears to be the progressive alternative to Prosser.
He is running a populist campaign, rather than mincing words like many judicial candidates do.

Perhaps by April voters will realize they made a mistake in picking a hardline right wing Republican Governor and Legislature, and decide to return to their progressive roots.

Anonymous said...

You misread Prosser's thoughts: "Joel Winnig IS a smoking dope."


Cory Liebmann said...

My fault...the quote that I gave didn't come from the MJS story it came from a Wispolitics report to its subscribers...but i've noted that now.