Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Scott Walker's "High Ethical Standards"

Recently Scott Walker was pressed on what exactly he knows about the John Doe investigation that seems to be engulfing his campaign, current and former staff and at least one contributor. In a blog item Dan Bice describes Walker's response as his "firmest defense yet of what he described as his high ethical standards." Let's take a walk down memory lane shall we?

I wonder if those "high ethical standards" include some of the following:

  • When Walker was first running for Milwaukee County Executive, he promised to end cronyism but shortly after being elected he began a long history of perfecting that dark art. [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, "Walker has rewards in mind for backers", 5/9/02]
  • Remember the reports of Scott Walker shaking down various lobbyists in Madison when he was preparing to run for Milwaukee County Executive? He wanted them to contribute to his campaign and the report suggested that he was threatening them that if he didn't win he would still be in the state legislature and would have an influence on their issues. [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 3/10/02]
  • In 2005 Scott Walker earned what at the time was the second highest ethics fine in state history. It was related to his questionable use of robo calls [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 8/4/05]
  • During his first run for governor Walker had a fundraiser using tickets and a suite for a sold-out UW basketball game. All kinds of ethical questions were asked at the time because the suite access and tickets appeared to come from a corporation, which at the time was not allowed. Once the news became public Walker's campaign ditched the fundraiser plans [WKOW-TV, 2/22/06 & 7/25/06]
  • Walker has at least a decade plus of consistently careless campaign finance reporting. After a while it makes you wonder if they were being incompetent, devious or both. Various media outlets, the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign, Milwaukee County and others have repeatedly reported on missing information for major donors. [Capital Times, 5/14/02]
  • In 2007 Walker got rid of a veteran member of the Milwaukee County Ethics Board. The chair of the board thought it was because she dared to question the ethics of some of Scott Walker's actions. Walker proceeded to replace her with a young attorney that was recommended to him by a partner in a law firm that included major campaign donors.
  • Remember Scott Walker's annual self promotion tour? Remember when his thinly veiled campaign event included corporate sponsorship? How can anyone blame his critics when he repeatedly used both campaign and county staff for the planning of it? It repeatedly drew ethics and other complaints but by that point he had already stacked the elections board with pals. [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 7/9/05]
I could keep going for a while but hopefully you get the point. Feel free to include your favorite example of Scott Walker's "high ethical standards".

UPDATE: Also read Capper's "Walkergate: One for the Ages"


jimspice said...

Though I realize it is in no way illegal or contrary to to "official" ethical guidelines, I would suggest Mr. Walker's gutting of unions after having made not so much as a peep about it during the campaign is hardly becoming of an Eagle Scout.

John Foust said...

An Eagle Scout needs to earn the "Citizenship in the Community", "Citizenship in the Nation", and "Citizenship in the World" merit badges.

M.E. Bye said...

What about Marquette?

Cory Liebmann said...

the last bullet links to a story about his MU problems. They declared him "unfit" for office at the time.