Thursday, September 20, 2012

"Tomney" Avoids Obvious in Plunging Poll Numbers

The trend in the polls is undeniable, they all point toward a major surge for Tammy Baldwin in the U.S. Senate race.  It is very clear that Tommy Thompson and his campaign are well aware of this dynamic and in the video below he openly worries about Mitt Romney dragging him down.

What a difference a month makes! Shortly after the Republican primary Tommy Thompson was riding high and he bragged to Mike Gousha in the following comment:
“I am an individual that is going to be able to be helpful to that ticket. “ [Up Front with Mike Gousha, 8/19/2012]
Tommy's performance in this area has not lived up to his own hype and now he is actually fretting over Mitt Romney being a drag on his own stalling campaign.

Perhaps Tommy should be a little more self-aware regarding his plunging numbers.  After all he is the one that ran so far to the right during the primary.  Tommy is the candidate that essentially went quiet over the last month of the campaign.  As if these self-inflicted actions were not enough now we find him nearly standing alone in support of Romney's unfortunate comment writing off nearly half of the population. Why would you complain about a Romney drag in the polls and then make yourself in his own image on a loser issue? May we call you "Tomney" for the remainder of this campaign?

Not smart. Mitt may indeed be a drag on your campaign but you seem to be ignoring the obvious and more immediate problem....your own actions.

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