Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Does He Have Imaginary Friends Too?

While speaking before his Republican allies at Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce, Slippery Scott Walker made another outlandish statement based on zero substance. During his comments he again reinforced the point that he will say absolutely anything to advance his political career. In his comments to WMC, he promised that he would create 250,000 new jobs in Wisconsin if he were elected governor. Some media sources just carried the outlandish comments while others at least noted that it was not backed up with any specifics at all. In other words, it was just another empty Walker promise like so many that have come before it.

Other than the positions that he has filled with his political cronies, Scott Walker has not created a single job in Milwaukee County. In fact he has actually bragged about sending large amounts of working families to the unemployment lines throughout this Bush spawned recession. There are actually a multitude of ways that Walker has stood in the way of real job creation efforts in Milwaukee County. Consider just some of the following:

  • During his last run for governor Walker attacked the newly created Milwaukee 7 effort to promote the area, saying that it was like "putting lipstick on a pig". Because of the leadership of Mayor Tom Barrett and other regional leaders, this effort has been producing real results. These things have come in spite of Walker's endless political maneuvering and snipping from the sidelines.
  • Walker not only said "no thanks" to the federal funds that created or saved some 44,000 jobs in Wisconsin, but now he is talking about refusing federal funding for high speed rail which will create thousands of new long term jobs.
  • In his Budget for 2010 Walker pretended to care about economic development in Milwaukee County. This was disingenuous given the fact that he is the same person that staffed the county's former economic development division with unqualified cronies who ran it into the ground. After they made a mess of things, he then gave the division a "lower profile" and eliminated the development director position.
  • After the estate of a Milwaukee county resident so graciously left a $3.1 million gift in their will, Walker vetoed an effort to put those funds into a special interest bearing account to help fund future economic development efforts in Milwaukee County.

Given even this abbreviated version of Walker's terrible record on job creation, are we really supposed to believe his empty promises now? Especially when they are based on invisible data? What's next? Is Scott Walker going to tell us that he got those make-believe numbers from an imaginary friend? Sadly, that would be just as plausible as anything else that he will/won't say on the subject.

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