Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Channel Your Outrage

There are countless things to be outraged about regarding the election results last night. For me they include some of the following:

  • The promotion of a failed county executive even though he has presided over the financial and literal falling apart of Milwaukee County(no wonder those voters overwhelmingly rejected him yesterday).

  • Electing a policy lightweight that refused to talk about "details" until after he was elected. In the mean time he provided us with talking points and slogans. He, along with the help of his corporate soul mates,were able to buy a seat on the U.S. Senate. This clown may have bought an election but he will never be able to "replace" Russ Feingold.

  • The collective amnesia that we have had as a nation in forgetting which party brought this historic recession on us. The record already reflects that for the last 2 years we have been (too slowly) heading in the right direction. Yet voters chose to elect people that want to implement the very same policies that brought us to economic disaster.

  • OK we are all rightfully outraged but now what? I think that the only acceptable solution is to start channeling this outrage into strategic and aggressive action. There are certainly behind-the-scenes and less predictable actions that can take place long before any of this extreme bunch ever takes the oath of office. Then after taking office they will provide us with a plethora of opportunities. If recent history teaches us anything, we already know that this crowd is incapable of effectively governing (at least if they actually keep all of the fanciful campaign season promises that they have made). Scott Walker no longer can pass the buck. He will have a Republican majority in the legislature and no Milwaukee County Board to blame. Republicans both in Wisconsin and nationally are bound to overreach very early and we should be prepared to take advantage of it.

    Channel your outrage now to prepare for effective action later.

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    Anonymous said...

    Maybe your readers who have "connections" will know what this means, but many will not. Theoretically people should be able to find individual ways to "channel" and not just become another "drone" beaming politely and smiling at local party officers. And the magical cure of "writing a check" isn't an option for everyone.
    Poetically speaking, this sounds nice, now that I'm done reading, I haven't a clue what you might mean. Specifics would be nice. Or maybe you mean we're supposed to think of something ourselves, find "meaningful work" on our own. Who knows. But first, some of us need to mourn.
    In addition, I hope the Democrats can fine some kind of Rove-style strategic genius, and find one fast, they sure need one.
    My mailman walks around with his Government paycheck and his government healthcare benefits and his government retirement plan with Rush Limbaugh cranked up really loud on some iPod thing yapping about how the Government sucks and people are spoiled dependent the whole time he delivers. While we are actually in the "private sector" and are looking at a very different life situation of which he seems to have no clue yet believes people like us are somehow defective and "parasitic". He smiles and chats, assuming we are one of the "good people" like him, yet we know he'd as soon see us dead from starvation or bankrupt with no house while his team blazes on to Glory.
    None of it makes any sense. Other than to conclude the Right has a better understanding of behavioral psychology and is willing to use that knowledge in any way possible. And that large numbers of Americans are now actively living in states of pundit-addicted delusion. Put in a call to Dr. Zimbardo or something, this all is getting really sick.