Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Now You See Him and Now You Don't

Two weeks ago I posted a video featuring two board members from the Metropolitan Milwaukee Association of Commerce (MMAC). In the video both stressed how important reliable public transit was for business. After seeing that video I asked exactly where their passionate support for public transit was now that high speed rail is in jepordy.

Today I discovered yet another interesting video. This one was included in a story by the Daily Reporter. The video is from the March press conference announcing that trainmaker Talgo was planning on locating its manufacturing plant in Milwaukee. According to the video and to the accompanying Daily Reporter story, several officals were at the press conference. The report says that "One of the welcoming speakers on that cold day in March was Tim Sheehy, the president of the Metropolitan Milwaukee Association of Commerce".

Talgo has been rightfully asking where the support of these Milwaukee-area business elites are now? It is a very good question, that I have been asking for weeks. Apparently Tim Sheehy was more than happy to represent MMAC at the March press conference but now reporters can't even get him to successfully navigate a phone long enough to talk about Talgo.

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