Friday, August 10, 2012

AFC Doing More Dirty Work for Jason Fields?

I have written several times about how the right wing group American Federation for Children is essentially running Rep. Jason Fields lit campaign for him right now.  In a little over a week I've received at least three deceptive pieces of literature from the group on his behalf.  They've been deceptive because they make declarations about things like "our community" and "Democratic values" when the organization is run by a hardcore group of right wing zealots.   Not to mention the longtime involvement of former Republican Assembly Speaker Scott Jensen.

Given the fact that they are churning out so much shamelessly deceptive lit, I guess I shouldn't be surprised that they are apparently finding other ways to do Jason Fields dirty work for him.  Thursday evening I noticed a new item from Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reporter Dan Bice about Fields' opponent, Mandela Barnes.  It appears that someone requested Barnes' net tax information from the Department of Revenue and then forwarded it to Bice.

Apparently the actual requester of the net tax information was a person from an address used by Soar Communication Strategies.  Among other things it appears that this outfit does direct mail. Can you guess who might be on their client list right now? American Federation for Children. This right wing group reported some of the following expenses paid to Soar in support of Jason Fields.

  • July 11, 2012 - $8,361.50 to Soar for Mailing Service
  • July 27, 2012 - $704.04 to Soar for Mailing Service
  • August 7, 2012 - $13,603.31 to Soar for Mailing Service
  • August 7, 2012 - $2,500 to Soar for Printing Brochures
So once again we see just how deeply indebted Jason Fields is to the right wing radicals that bankroll and run American Federation for Children.  They are essentially running his entire direct mail operation and now apparently they are using their consultants to make very lame attempts to dig up dirt on his opponent.  It is a lame attack in this case because Barnes is a relatively young man and he was completing his education and/or working out-of-state for most if not all of the cited years.

If the American Federation for Children wants to make this argument legitimately, perhaps they should start with one of their many wealthy Republican friends that actually demonstrate extensive patterns of true hypocrisy on the issue.

As an actual resident of the 11th Assembly District I can tell you that this net tax thing is a phony issue in this race. Personally, I'm much more concerned about why Rep. Jason Fields is letting this right wing organization deceive his constituents and act so shamelessly on his behalf.

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