Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Scott Walker Tweets Sarah Palin

Who can forget when Sarah Palin was a vice presidential candidate and made her various declarations about "real Americans"? Well, it is pretty clear that Scott Walker hasn't forgotten those comments and he has decided to go even further off the right wing. Yesterday Walker decided to categorize millions of Americans as not being "real people". It all happened, as most things with Walker lately, on his Twitter account. Despite his followers protests he again made it very clear that he despises the idea of the federal stimulus otherwise known as the Recovery and Reinvestment Act. In Walker's tweet he made the following comment (emphasis mine):

Just as I said in Jan: The "stimulus" is a big deal 4 govt + not 4 real people

Really? Not for "real people"? Walker's Twitter account is fast becoming the gift that keeps on giving!

Heartland Hollar has already identified the 95 percent of Americans that have already received tax cuts because of the Recovery and Reinvestment Act. Obviously those 95 percent don't count in Walker's view of the world and they are not "real people". Just take a look at the State of Wisconsin's site that tracks where the stimulus money is going, take a look at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel interactive map, or heck try doing a simple Google News search for stories about the people that the stimulus money is helping.

According to Scott Walker, none of these are "real people":

Obviously the list goes on and on and on of the millions of people that have been positively impacted by the Recovery and Reinvestment Act already. Similar to his political soul-mate Sarah Palin, Scott Walker has decided that none of these are "real people". Actually, I think if people will start pressing him on his statements and actions, Scott Walker could start causing himself some very REAL PROBLEMS.


Anonymous said...

How convenient that you left out the article that was included in that tweet. (or did you even look at it?)
Here is the article:

It is a poll that says more than three quarters (68%!) of Americans say the stimulus is not helping their financial situation and another 57 percent say it is not helping the overall economy.

But don't let facts get in your way.

Cory Liebmann said...

"facts"??? are you serious? you shouldn't confuse some opinion poll with actual facts because it is not the same thing. the only thing that the poll confirms is the bad pr job from the white house.

i thought you people loved tax cuts? so apparently tax cuts don't help because 95% of us got them under the recovery act (biggest tax cut in history). feel free to give it back if it is not helping. and please stop coming to me with the "tax cuts solves everything" line in the future.

while your talking why don't you explain why nurses, cops, teachers, students, vets, and the unemployed are not "real people."

Anonymous said...

Based on this poll, it is a FACT that "real people" don't believe this faux stimulus plan is helping.

And are you talking about tax cuts or the "stimulus" plan? You are aruguing out of both sides of your mouth (as usual for a lefty blog).

And I sure haven't seen any tax cuts. I get $2 more in my paycheck...but if I understand correctly, I will end up paying it back come tax time next year. So NO, I don't see tax cuts and I don't see where the "stimulus" plan is stimulating anything except wasteful spending.

NO WHERE did I or Scott Walker say that nurses, cops, teachers, students, vets and the unemployed are not "real people". Talk about a load of crap.

Walker has been right about the stimulus plan all along. And it's great to see you leftists keep defending it even as we get more evidence of it being a failure.

(btw...I know I screwed up the % in my first post...but the article still stands)

Cory Liebmann said...

i will say it again, opinion polls don't change the actual facts, it only reflects perceptions.

part of the stimulus package was passing the largest tax cut in history ($282 billion over two years for 95% of Americans). maybe you don't count this because it didn't go to the rich.

you said that it doesn't benefit "real people" but it has created jobs for cops that wouldn't be there otherwise...they must not be "real people" created funding for nursing students but they must not be real people either. go down the list of people being helped by the recovery act and those are the people that scott walker doesn't think are "real". you said it not own it.

so does this mean that walker has finally settled on a position on the recovery act? if so, then he should run around the state and tell all of these communities to give back the money that they are getting for "real people" and real projects.

Robert Doeckel said...

Opinion polls don't facts make, come on! 1/2 the people who watch Fox think health insurance reform is a secret plot to kill old people. You can write a poll question to get the results you want.

The facts on the stimulus are simple: Walker didn't want it and shouldn't get credit for anything the stimulus brought to Milwaukee County like more cops and funding for homeless vets. Walker is a failure for Milwaukee County.

Jay Bullock said...

Opinion polls don't facts make, come on! 1/2 the people who watch Fox think health insurance reform is a secret plot to kill old people.
Actually, it's more like 75%.