Thursday, June 17, 2010

Ron Johnson's Odd Collection

Early on Ron Johnson admitted in an interview that he was still working on his policy positions. As I recall, he would only commit to supporting "freedom" at the time. Now we are starting to gather quite an odd mix of policy positions from Ron Johnson. Here is the list that I have so far:

Favors Drilling for Oil in the Great Lakes
We Shouldn't Pick on BP
He is glad that there is global warming
He was one of only a few private citizens to testify against the bipartisan Child Victims Act
Supports the Patriot Act and Real ID but only when a Republican is President
Supports massive unfunded federal mandates (see his support for Real ID)
Praised Russ Feingold for opposing Wall Street bailout
He is willing to take away new protections for children with preexisting conditions

That is one heck of a list of policy positions, no wonder he is trying to avoid real questions from both the media and from Tea Party people. With such an odd collection, its no suprise that even the RPW chair didn't want to talk about it.

UPDATE: Illusory Tenant reminds us that Johnson also supports teaching creationism.

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