Saturday, July 10, 2010

Suffering from Walker Whiplash?

I'm officially diagnosing Scott Walker's most devoted followers with what must be a blinding case of Walker Whiplash. The condition is caused from watching Scott Walker quickly change his positions the moment that he thinks that it will benefit his endless campaign. The latest example is his pledging today to sign a repeal of the statewide smoking ban even though he said only four days ago that "it was too early to seek exemptions to it." What prompted this latest Walker equivocation? It was his Republican primary opponent Mark Neumann's declaring that he would work to repeal the new law. Neumann took a harder right wing position on the issue and suddenly Walker had to change his original position to match it.

I know that my head is spinning from all of Walker's sudden changing of direction. What is worse is that they just keep coming faster and faster the closer that we get to the fall elections. I can't imagine what it must be like to be a hard core conservative that actually cares about right wing ideological purity only to be subjected to this Walker Whiplash. This is only the latest example of Walker changing positions depending on his political calculations. Consider this small sampling of his sudden flip-flops:

  • He said "no thanks" to federal stimulus funds but then used those same funds to plug multiple holes in his Milwaukee County budget for this year. With an even bolder level of hypocrisy he began trying to take credit for programs that were funded by the federal stimulus.
  • He supported concealed carry legislation but then voted against similar legislation just before running for Milwaukee County executive. Now that he is running for governor (again) he is suddenly for concealed carry again.
  • He originally surprised me by seeming to second guess Arizona's troubling new immigration law. But in less than 24 hours and after catching hell on his Facebook page, he changed direction on that issue.

The only real way for the right wing to avoid a continual case of Walker Whiplash is to finally demand some consistency from him. It would be refreshing to see those that claim to admire absolutist stands on right wing issues to actually force him to take a position and actually stick with it. And I mean stick with it regardless of what his primary opponent does or how the political winds change. I hope that conservatives will finally hold him accountable for his continual policy and position changes. Such a self-correction would bring a welcome relief to all of us.


capper said...

I hope that conservatives will finally hold him accountable for his continual policy and position changes.

I wouldn't hold my breath for that to happen. They appear to be as hypocritical and intellectually deceptive as their hero. It's almost cult-like, they way they gloss over all of this.

Anonymous said...

I have this gut feeling that some time in his first year in office he will screw up so badly that finaly people will see that the man has no regard for the little people and start to be afraid.. I have seen what he did to the transit system in Milwaukee and read with horror the mental health problems it is scary times for us ...