Thursday, July 08, 2010

Is Priebus Dilusional, Dishonest or Both?

The last time we talked about RPW Chair Reince Priebus, we highlighted his email about the "total unity" around Michael Steele and how he was "kicking ass" in DC. We now know that his assessment on that dysfunctional situation was completely wrong. Earlier this week Reince decided to give us an encore performance of being embarrassingly wrong.

On Tuesday the Republican Party of Wisconsin churned out a press release in which Reince falsely accused Senator Russ Feingold of being "silent" regarding the Bucyrus effort to obtain U.S. (big-government)Export-Import Bank approval on an important project. Had the RPW or Reince been the slightest bit interested in reality they would have known that Senator Feingold was very involved in advocating for Bucyrus. His involvement wasn't limited to gimmicks like running inaccurate political potshots in the paper. Maybe that is what threw Reince. Senator Feingold along with Governor Doyle, Mayor Barrett and most of Wisconsin's congressional delegation, did the actual work of advocating for Bucyrus.

Reince and the RPW's dishonest/delusional (take your pick) attacks were so far off base that it brought about a public correction from the Bucyrus CEO, Tim Sullivan. Obviously even he felt the need to set straight the RPW falsehoods. In an open letter to Reince, Sullivan said some of the following:

"Senator Feingold sent two separate letters to Chairman Hochberg of the U.S. Export-Import Bank in support of the loan guarantee...In addition, Senator Feingold reached out by phone...Bucyrus has been fortunate to have elected officials from both sides of the aisle, including Senator Feingold, working to persuade the U.S. Export-Import Bank to provide loan guarantees..."


Anonymous said...

So Feingold does indeed support the building of coal-fired power plants when it is politically expedient and isn't some sort of born-again Gaylord Nelson.

Has someone broken the news to Xoff?

Sean said...

Hi Cory, Great post. We out here in California couldn't agree more. We blogged on this very topic today. Wish I had seen your post earlier to include a link. In any case, keep fighting the good fight!
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