Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Johnson Shrugged (off the Middle Class)

We all know that Ron Johnson is a policy lightweight. Just witness his tendency to hide from the media and his refusal to engage in any environment that he doesn't totally control. We also know that he is a fortunate elitist that thinks very little about the daily struggles that the rest of us face. Both of these Ron Johnson realities were perfectly crystallized in his meeting with the editorial board of the Green Bay Press Gazette.

During that interview Johnson was rattling off one of his substance-free talking points, but was quickly rattled by what should have been an easy question. They simply asked him to describe his jobs plan for the middle class. He had no answer, and he has no plan. Involuntarily imitating the title of his favorite book, "Johnson Shrugged" off the middle class.

The Green Bay Press Gazette endorsed Russ Feingold saying in part that "Johnson seemed unable to further articulate his plan for job creation — especially for the middle class..." Even with all of his sound-bytes, bumper stickers, and expensive ad buys, that statement should really tell us all that we need to know. Everyday Wisconsinites are not the major priority for an out-of-touch elitist like Ron Johnson. UPDATE: Johnson Shrugged (off homeless vets)

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