Friday, October 29, 2010

Leah Vukmir in Her Own Words

Last month the Shepherd Express did a piece focused on the very extreme state Rep. Leah Vukmir. In it they give a quote from a Republican in the capitol who commented that "many Republican staffers believe that she is so extreme and heartless that she is dangerous.” Several of these observations are consistent with a report done by Milwaukee Magazine a year earlier when they rated her one of the worst legislators in Madison.

Based on some of the following Leah Vukmir official emails, I would certainly have to concur with some of those sentiments (of her fellow Republicans). *Note-all emphasis is mine but all inappropriately placed smilie faces belong to Vukmir.

When her fellow legislators were asking for signatures on a letter seeking to save the Chrysler Kenosha plant, Vukmir had an "interesting" response. She forwarded the emailed appeal to her apparent BFF, right wing talker Vicki McKenna. The real disturbing part was not that she forwarded the email but what she said when doing it. She said, and I quote, ":-)". Because we all know how funny it is for plants to close in Wisconsin and for working people to lose jobs. [Vukmir email, 5/5/09]

In one long email thread a few cheap shots at MMSD were taken. One of the people involved in the conversation clearly didn't get the point of the cheap shot so Leah offered an explanation, followed by the ever sensitive comment, "'s government-run water containment. Ask New Orleans how this works out. :-)" Oh my, I can barely stop laughing! [Vukmir email, 8/14/08]

Apparently Leah Vukmir isn't concerned about the oft-mentioned "brain drain" in Wisconsin. Her office received an email from a progressive organization asking for help in sending progressive youth to Washington DC for a conference. She forwards the email to one of her staffers commenting, "Yes. Lets send them to Washington - but they have to promise that they will never come back." [Vukmir email, 4/16/09]

A person (name was redacted by Vukmir staff) sent an email to Vukmir and right wing loudmouth Mark Belling. The subject of the email read, (annoying caps are not mine) "HOW ABOUT OUR REP LEAH VUKMIR V RUSS (I AM ARROGANT) FEINGOLD-SMARTASS???" Vukmir responds saying, "We can only slay one senator at a time (redacted name). I thought about it, before running for state senate." Not only does the over-the-top rhetoric speak for itself, but I wonder how close Vukmir came to the line here? Should she be talking about her political plans and state senate campaign on her official state email account? [Vukmir email, 1/21/10]

Then there is Vukmir's exchange with epic gay-hater Julaine Appling regarding the bullying legislation that she dutifully voted against. Why? The best that I can tell from the email is because a gay org might have had some input in trying to protect our kids from bullying at school. Oh my god, better vote against it! [Vukmir email, 1/13/10]

Then there is the intelligent email from (name redacted) with the following subject line, "Thanks Cong Pence et al for fighting against fascists under our national dome that used to stand for liberty and the pursuit of the American Dream-All of that has been replaced by numb nuts who want solutions via the Tire Pressure Gauge-Led by Captain Planet Gore and Mrs Save The World From Meanie America-Our Lib Marxist Queen-Pelosi//Tear Down The Medias Iron Curtain and learn from Reagan, Friedmann, Alexander Sol.." Vukmir responds to the nut by apparently trying to reaffirm their thinking saying, "They are fighting the good fight...and I am glad they are!!" [Vukmir email, 8/5/08]

Finally, Vukmir takes a moment to let us know what she really thinks of Social Security. In an email to (name redacted) she comments, " you know who the geniuses were that developed the benefit structure for the auto industry? They were the same wiz kids who gave us social security." [Vukmir email, 6/6/09]

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