Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Tommy Fishing for Special Interest Cash in D.C.

Earlier I wrote about the fact that Tommy Thompson is not out working hard on the campaign trail. He is not holding many public events and when he does he is not taking time to answer many important questions from the media.  So how appropriate that as I was writing earlier Tommy was busy preparing for a fundraiser this afternoon in Washington D.C. 

The invite is for a Luncheon for Tommy Thompson at the Oceanaire Seafood Room in D.C.  Contributions are set at $2,500 PAC and $1,000 personal.  You can eat high end seafood and watch Tommy do push-ups for the afternoon!

By the way, this morning Tommy was doing the exact same thing at a special interest "breakfast" in D.C. It was held at Charlie Palmer's and cost $1,000 (PAC) and $500 (individuals).

Somehow it seems appropriate because Tommy INC has spent a decade selling his influence to the highest bidder in D.C. It shouldn't be a surprise that instead of working hard and talking to Wisconsin voters, he is busy collecting cash from the same D.C. special interests that made him rich.

Note to Wisconsin Media: If you want to find Tommy, you better try a Washington D.C. fundraiser.

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