Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A Lonely and Blind Faith in the GOP

The vast movement away from the Republican Party has occurred in nearly every single demographic a new Gallup analysis has found. Voter self-identification has dramatically dropped for the GOP in the last eight years. The only group of people that have not abandoned ship are those that frequently attend church. The losses were particularly dramatic in every age group under 65. If that trend continues the GOP may find themselves in desperate need of a faith healer for their dying brand.

As Heartland Hollar has repeatedly pointed out, Scott Walker has insisted that the GOP does not need to broaden its base. It will be interesting watching him try to win statewide office with these kinds of numbers. Apparently his campaign is going to operate on little more than blind faith.


Anonymous said...

Do you really think that Walker will lose? Honestly, how on earth is Doyle going to keep his position when our State deficit is among the highest in the nation and our unemployment is above the national average?

Blind faith? No, just common sense.

Other Side said...

I can't tell for sure because all Anonymous commenters look the same, but didn't this person predict a McCain landslide, too? :)