Saturday, May 02, 2009

Walker to Neumann: In Your Face!

I could very well be reading into things here, but there were a couple Scott Walker moments this week that I found very interesting. They seemed to be "in your face" type moments directed at his soon-to-be Republican primary opponent Mark Neumann . On his day long chain of official announcement events, he made sure to have one at the Wisconsin Lutheran College in Wauwatosa. That college is affiliated with the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod (WELS). In case you didn't know, Walker's primary opponent Mark Neumann, is a very devout member of that denomination and no doubt has all kinds of ties and associations with the college. So I guess I thought it more than a little interesting that of all the places that Walker could have chosen to hold his Wauwatosa event, he chose the place that some might consider Neumann's own "backyard."

Only a few days after his big announcement at the college, Walker did another interesting thing. Of all the right wing consultants that are available for work, he chose the one that used to work for Mark Neumann. In a press release Thursday, Walker announced that among other people, his campaign was hiring R.J. Johnson as a general consultant. Johnson actually ran Neumann's failed 1998 campaign against U.S. Senator Russ Feingold. Again, of all the right wing consultants that were no doubt knocking on his door, Walker had to choose the one that worked on Neumann's last run at public office.

Obviously we don't know what the heck is going around in the head of Scott Walker, but it is just too hard to believe that these things were just simple accidents. The one thing that everyone does know about Walker is that he has been running for Governor since 2002 and everything that he does is directly related to that unhealthy obsession. So although he may not say it in his words at the convention this morning, I think that his actions have been fairly clear. What he has been trying to say is simply "in your face Mark!"

UPDATE: Over the weekend, Walker gave Neumann another "in your face." Walker killed Neumann in the Wispolitics straw poll at the GOP convention. It shouldn't be a big suprise since Walker has been campaigning for years and Neumann has not even formally announced. But in any case, you can still count it as yet another "in your face" moment.


grumps said...

Perhaps he'd have better served himself by going after the guy who ran Neumann's last winning contest instead.

Anonymous said...

I think that you guys are trying to drum up a big rivalry when none exists. Neumann is last decade's news. He will be a lame duck opponent.

Now, if Tommy Thompson decides to run, then Walker will have some problems.

Cory Liebmann said...

I don't really care who the right winger is...but as usual, you are way too overconfident in your latest right wing hero.

Neumann has the backing of some powerful people in the GOP, he has a ton of money, there is still a ton of time, and he is not from Milwaukee (which is a dumb reason to vote for someone but unfortunately that is the reality).

"last decade's news" and "lame duck opponent" ??? Boy, I hope that the Walker camp starts using that kind of rhetoric!

Anonymous said...

Both Neumann and Thompson are lame ducks. Both had their moment in the sun and walked away. Who is backing Neumann in the GOP? I suspect really no one of importance. You have repeatedly said this. Spill the beans or move on to something else.