Friday, May 08, 2009

Walker’s Idol is Walker

Here we go again, Scott Walker trying to glom on to any publicity that he can get. When CC Sabathia was working miracles at Miller Park, he declared a CC day and now that we have a Milwaukee native in the top three of American Idol, he is trying to jump on that bandwagon. I would watch out if I were on the concert stage at Summerfest because Walker will no doubt be elbowing people out of his way to get in the spotlight with Danny Gokey.

I think it is very telling that when Milwaukee County was not sure what was going to happen with the Swine Flu and schools were closing, that Walker was too busy campaigning to even write a press release about the situation. He was apparently too busy going to campaign events and the GOP convention to even say one single word about what Milwaukee County was doing in the area of public health. As it turns out he did finally post a very general tweet about the subject but only a week after it was a major concern. In complete contrast, now that Milwaukee is about to get so much national attention, Walker was lightning quick to respond. Danny Gokey was officially launched into the top three on American Idol on Wednesday night and the very next day Scott Walker was putting out a proclamation about it.

What does this say about Scott Walker's priorities? It says that Scott Walker's favorite "idol" is Scott Walker and that he will do anything to promote himself no matter how corny or pathetic. From hopping on a Harley to posing for a ridiculous looking baseball card (I wish I could find that one online!) to making proclamations for anyone that is more popular than him. Walker has really become a pathetic parody of himself and today's events are only going to highlight it further. Unfortunately Walker's self worship has come at the expense of Milwaukee County and there is nothing to idolize about that sad fact.


Anonymous said...

I find it laughable how you rail against Scott Walker while ignoring the very same "Gokey praise" coming from Tom Barrett.

Cory Liebmann said...

Barrett does his job first and this is one part of doing his job. Walker only does what gets his mug in front of the most people and ignores the rest...that is the difference.

Anonymous said...

Milwaukee county finished in the black. The State is financially screwed up. The City of Milwaukee is not much better than the rest. But to attack a man's character like you did doesn't say much about yours.

Anonymous said...


Scott Walker is campaigning for governor of Wisconsin - it's his job to get "his mug" out there when a good story line emerges. It sounds like your disdain for this guys is so amped up that you don't even want him to campaign like a good little candidate is supposed to.

Cory Liebmann said...

Oh yeah, Milwaukee County has been doing just great under the Walker Misadministration...can't wait to see him make that argument to the rest of the state.

"attack a man's character"
Oh please...what character? this guy will do anything to advance politically...oh, btw, how often do you police the attacking of people's character when the attacks come from the right?

Yes, Walker is campaigning for gov...that is the problem...that is all he has been doing since the neglect of Milwaukee County and everything else.