Monday, June 01, 2009

In Your Face Neumann/Klauser!

About a month ago I posted a blog pointing out the ways that Scott Walker was giving a big "in your face" to his Republican primary opponent Mark Neumann. As I have continued to write and speculate about the prospects of a primary I have noticed a very clear theme. Walker supporters are joining in on the "in your face" activity against Neumann. In fact they are also taking shots at his biggest supporter, one-time GOP big-wig Jim Klauser. I was a little surprised at some of the right wing comments on my blog postings. I didn't realize that the Walker supporters were going to be so insulting and dismissive of their fellow Republican. Recently I wondered if this was just an anomaly on my blog, so I started looking around. After looking at the comments sections on a few news sites and a couple of popular right wing blogs, I found that there really is a rather nasty reaction to Mark Neumann from Walker supporters. As a public service, allow me to list some of the more interesting comments:

"Neumann is last decade's news. He will be a lame duck opponent."

"As a steadfast republican, I will not be voting for Mark Neumann in 2010. The last thing the state of Wisconsin needs is a bankrupt home builder trying to reinvent himself…"*

"I'm not concerned about Neumann."

"Newmann has been out of the political loop too long."

"Let's not nominate a noble but unelectable candidate like McCain. PS Where has this Klauser been over the last few years? Answer: Who cares!"

"No one remembers Mark Neumann. That was a political lifetime ago. He probably has 10% name recognition in this state."

"I don't know who has better chances, but as someone who's not overly enamored of Tommy Thompson, any endorsement coming from his camp just makes me more leery, not excited."

"Mark is a well-known anti-social loon. Worse, his wife is the de facto manager of his campaigns and micro-manages to the nth degree. This is not a good development in Republican politics."

"Now, again, we have misguided leaders (Klauser and Neumann) working for Doyle in 2010. I say it's time for 3rd party in WI as Republicans are self destructive."

"Mark needs to stay out of this race…Mark is as vanilla as the come and will offer NOTHING…"

"Oh great...a 'has been' political hack endorsing a "used to be" politician. Klauser is just upset that Walker won't kiss his ring."

"He's the country club republican's candidate….not the average conservative's candidate. Neumann can't (shouldn't) just come in and buy his way in after being gone for years."

"Oh god, I can just see the lameass ad for Neumann now: (cue elevator music) "Hi, I'm Mark Neumann and this is my lovely bride and family (camera pans over family, dog) for me, I won't raise your taxes."

"The only reason Neumann is going to get in is because Klauser doesn't like the fact that Walker doesn't kiss his ring and come running to him for his approval of everything he does. Graber didn't work out…so now Klauser rolls out Neumann. Klauser, Neumann ,et al. represent the country club republicans."

*For the record, the bankruptcy part of this statement is factually incorrect but I am reposting it just to demonstrate the bad feelings that apparently abound.

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Anonymous said...

I think the average Republican isn't that mean spirited about Mark Neumann. I understand many are wondering why he's thinking about running, but I believe the voters will have a good answer soon. Many of these comments would seem to originate from R.J. Johnson and the Walker campaign itself. They hate the fact that there isn't going to be an automatic coronation for Mr. Walker. For Mr. Walker, there is a sense of entitlement as it pertains to the Republican nomination because he stood down for Green. It was the noble thing to do in 2006, but this conversation is about 2010. Wisconsin needs a leader, not a grand stander. Mark Neumann will set forth a positive vision for Wisconsin that will involve reducing its tax burden, creating jobs and improving our education system. He has a strong record of achievement that will give his vision credibility. If the Walker campaign wants to pursue a negative campaign, as I'm sure R.J. and crew are planning on, they will simply spite themselves. Things are already imploding over there, anyway.