Thursday, June 25, 2009

Walker Wink and Nod Watch #3

LaCrosse Tribune reports: "Walker said the promotional ride will do no more to boost his gubernatorial campaign than doing a good job back home."

Surprise! This small story is less about promoting Milwaukee and more about Walker's campaign and whether this trip was on the level.

It is worth noting that while Walker was on his self promotion tour, he had to "call it in" to get into a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel story yesterday. It was about a major Milwaukee based company being sold. Not only is it Milwaukee County based but it is also the biggest tenant at the Milwaukee County run airport, Midwest Airlines. While other local officials were on hand to meet and speak with all parties involved, Walker was too busy doing a bad job of promoting himself and was satisfied with only a canned press release. What did he say about "doing a good job back home" again?

Walker's little bike ride ends today and I am actually quite surprised at how little coverage the stunt has received outstate. I'm talking about coverage at all. So far I have found 3 stories that mention his campaign for governor and only 2 stories that mention strictly tourism in Milwaukee County. With a wink and a nod you can check one more in the fail column for Walker.

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