Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Walker Wink and Nod Watch #1

Scott Walker's latest self promotion tour has started but this time with a bit of a twist. He is infamous for trying to privatize everything in Milwaukee County, even though in many cases it actually costs more. So how appropriate that he has now decided to partially privatize/corporatize this year's self promotion tour? Walker forcing Milwaukee County taxpayers to finance his self promotion tour in the past was bad enough, but the odd mix that he is using this year raises a whole new set of ethical questions.

This is the second time that Walker has gone on this tour while also running for statewide office. With a wink and a nod Walker continually insists that this practice is only about promoting Milwaukee County. Yeah right, and that is why he was busted using his campaign staff to help organize the last trip.

Knowing that he has had serious problems separating his campaign from his last tour, Walker told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that he will "strictly avoid any talk about the governor's race or politics" during the news interviews that he does on this trip. This naturally is disingenuous as Walker knows that many will report on his run for governor whether he directly talks about it or not. For that reason, we are going to track what the local media says about Walker's self promotion tour and just how much they mention his campaign for governor.

The first installment of "Walker Wink and Nod Watch" comes from Business North just one day after he launched the tour. Business North appears to be a news outlet that covers both Northern Minnesota and Wisconsin. Did the story say anything about his campaign? Well, I don't know, take a look at the first phrase of their title for the story; "Wisconsin governor candidate Walker stops in Superior…" With a wink and a nod, Walker's mission is accomplished.

If you find any local reporting that we should know about, please let us know!

Walker Wink and Nod Watch #2

Walker Wink and Nod Watch #3

While we are talking about Scott Walker's self promotion tour, let's take a look at the latest DPW web ad about it:


Anonymous said...

Boo Hoo.

The hypocrisy is rich while Doyle does the exact same thing.

capper said...

Doyle's riding around, campaigning on a motorcycle sponsored by corporations in an illegal donation? Where's your proof, anonymous?

Anonymous said...

At least Walker's not hiking on the Appalachian trial or off in some exotic Latin American country with a mistress....although maybe that comes after he's elected Governor!