Friday, July 03, 2009

Is MacIver Tolerant of Racist Jokes?

Yesterday Milwaukee Journal Sentinel columnist Daniel Bice reported on a very racist comment made by the blogger for the MacIver Institute. Apparently the MacIver blogger felt it was appropriate to make the following comment on his Twitter account:

"Got my stimulus package in the mail today. It contained watermelon seeds, cornbread mix, and ten coupons to KFC."

These words are obviously very offensive and inappropriate on all levels. Given the wild rhetoric coming from the right-wing since we elected our first African American president, I'm not that surprised to see such words. Sadly it isn't the first example and it wont be the last. However I am a little surprised at the lack of a response by the conservative MacIver Institute.

When asked by Bice about his blogger's comments, MacIver President Brett Healy decided to give no comment at all. He claimed that he had not seen the tweet and wanted to read it first. I wonder if Brett has bothered to look at the comment yet and if he can now give an actual statement? How does he feel having his org's blogger making such statements? Does his silence equal official MacIver approval of such racist jokes?

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