Saturday, July 25, 2009

Klauser is a “False Prophet” and Other Insults

When I wrote about how nasty Scott Walker supporters have been towards Mark Neumann and his backers, I had no idea that one person could out insult all the others put together. It shouldn't be too big of a surprise that this person is right wing loud mouth Mark Belling. Thanks to the right wing Badger Blogger, I heard a segment of Billings' show from July 17th. I must admit that I would have never heard the extended rant had they not provided the audio. The basic premise that Belling made is that the left is tougher and much more politically skilled than the right. I didn't find this point particularly interesting or accurate but I was fascinated at how he insulted and attacked just about every Republican and conservative in the process.

Belling is clearly a long time Scott Walker cheerleader and has zero tolerance for anyone else trying to run against him in the primary for governor. So that means the worst of the insults during his July 17th rant were directed at anyone possibly responsible for Mark Neumann getting into the race. For most Walker supporters that hostility is largely saved for Republican big deal Jim Klauser. Belling said that he was disappointed in Mark Neumann for turning over his campaign to someone that he called a "false prophet". He warned his listeners to be wary of such "false prophets" that claim to be Republicans because it is their only way to get power.

Apparently the fact that Jim Klauser is not backing Walker is not the only reason that Belling attacked him. Belling has apparently joined the paranoia of Rep. Robin Vos in thinking that a new business group (that Klauser is a part of) actually exists to raise money for the current governor. In fact Belling is so sure of this conspiracy that he took to calling long-time Republican and Tommy! aide, Phillip Prange, a (political) "transvestite" because "he goes both ways." I'm not sure he is using the correct terminology here but you get the point.

Belling was certainly not finished attacking his fellow Republicans by a long shot. He went on to berate the group that is trying to recall the Governor, the "(John) Torinus crowd", and Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce (who he called a "sell out" and "weak"). Sad to say, he also dismissed nearly all of the right wing groups (there is a new one every year) as being ineffective. Sorry MacIver, WPRI and others! Belling also stated that he has zero confidence in the Republican Party of Wisconsin because they are "run by amateurs." He must have been extra grumpy because then he even indirectly insulted his own candidate Scott Walker. He observed that Walker has "very few people around him that know what they are in for".

I wonder if the Walker campaign agrees with the nastiness and name calling by some of his strongest supporters. If he doesn't agree, then why not publicly condemn it? After all, they are all doing this on his behalf. If he does agree with it, does he really think that it is a winning strategy to insult and viciously attack every conservative that hasn't bowed down to endorse him thus far? If he continues to let his supporters go on these vicious attacks then we are in for a much more entertaining primary than I first thought.

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