Saturday, July 25, 2009

Twit Off: The Macho Edition

All of the cool people in Wisconsin are following our award winning coverage of the Twit off between Mark Neumann and Scott Walker (by the way Neumann appears to be slowly closing the gap every day). Most things that are so wildly successful usually have some sort of spin off and our coverage of the Republican Twits is certainly no exception. That is why I decided to introduce, "Walker v Neumann: The Twit Off-Macho Edition".

It appears that our European friends at Stockholm Pride have devised a site that analyzes your Twitter feed to find out how "hetero" it is based on the words that you use. Just to make sure that the device worked properly, I first tested it on my own Twitter feed. I found that it was very accurate as it gave my feed a 97% hetero score (in your face Wifamilycouncil!). It commented that my Twitter feed even "makes Chuck Norris look gay."

With the testing out of the way, I decided to try the two Republican Twits that are running for governor. Now this is a very important question because we all know how important it is to the average GOP primary voter! Who has the most macho Twitter feed?

Scott K Walker: 39 % Hetero

Mark Neumann: No Score *

*It appears that Mark Neumann's Twitter feed "didn't use cliché words" so it didn't even merit a score! Who knew that was even possible?

Notice to the respective campaign managers: Your guy really needs to "butch up" his Twitter feed if they have any hope of winning the GOP primary! Maybe Mark Todd (70%) does have a chance after all.

As we continue to monitor the Twit off in the coming months, we will also update on the macho meter for Scott Walker and Mark Neumann. Stay tuned.

ht: Walker's Point blog for pointing me to the site.

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capper said...

You know, of course, that Walker is cheating in the great Twit Off.