Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Breaking: Charlie Sykes is "Unreliable"

So who really generates the fact-free talking points for the Republican Party of Wisconsin? It is a "chicken and egg" kind of question. Is it the Milwaukee-area right wing radio talkers or is it the actual "leadership" of the party itself? Just a few hours ago we got a perfect example that it very well could be the former.

Today the Republican Party of Wisconsin sent out a false press release claiming that Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett had some kind of super secret fundraiser with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (who was actually in town to address the American Legion). It was confirmed by the Associated Press that this alleged fundraiser never happened and like many things this year, it only existed somewhere in the far reaches of the right wing mind.

When the Republican Party of Wisconsin was confronted with their false press release they admitted that they had no proof to back it up. About an hour after being challenged they actually retracted the press release (doodles and all).

As it turns out, the Republican Party of Wisconsin based this entire press release on information churned out by right wing talker Charlie Sykes. The fact that this kind of fiction can so easily make it into an RPW press release without the slightest bit of research is extremely telling.

Speaking to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel about their false press release, the RPW admitted that it was based on an "unreliable" source. Pity that it took them this kind of embarrassment to learn that lesson. It is something that the Brew City Brawler, Whallah and others have been documenting for years. Maybe the RPW already read all of that material and just doesn't care. Maybe this is just another sign that they will do and say anything to win an election. Presenting unreliable info doesn't seem to matter...until they get caught.

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